useful phrases to use with children

I collect phrases. When I hear a string of words that resonates, I try to capture them in my mind or on paper. We are constantly trying to find the words to use with children -- words that set limits, words that encourage, words that include.   ...more
BTW, just saw your profile - I just moved from C-ville and am right down the road in Warrenton ...more

A letter to my 4 year old son Joey

To my dear Joey,I write this letter to you less than 2 months from your 5th birthday. Wow, what can I say, you’ve taught me so much. I know that I get frustrated with you and worry constantly that I’m doing the right things as a parent to help you grow. I want to give you a strong foundation of kindness and support so you can as you start out in this world....more

Loving Our Homeschool Co-op

I have fond memories of attending Montessori preschool when I was a child. I really wanted L to have the same experience but it's not realistic at the moment. While there is a Montessori school in town, it's five days a week and not within our budget at the moment. If I'm really honest with myself, even if money were not an issue, I'm not ready for her to be gone from me five days a week. She is still only two--if only for another month and a half....more

Preschool Apps We Love

Dinner Fail and a Montessori Baby Led Weaning Technique

I am from a family restaurant background but I'll never be a short order cook- never!  I just don't believe in it and now my family can blame my folks.  My parents owned and managed small restaurants that required tons of hard work, elbow grease, no vacations, zero free weekends, and lots of dish washing.  But oh, did I eat well!...more

Montessori: Sorry seems to be the hardest word

Forgiving Yourself Sideways

I am taking a writing course at The Loft ( The course, Going in Sideways: Practical Strategies for Writing Memoirs, is my first wobbly step in the direction of the memoir I've always wanted to write about...

Early Childhood Education: The Montessori Method

What is the Montessori Method?In the 1940’s, Dr. Montessori revealed a scientific method she designed and tested in the belief that it would bring out the highest potential in young children. Previously she developed successful systems for older children, but at this time she stated that her method needed to be introduced to children before the age of 3....more


Unschooling.I first heard the term this past weekend from a friend of a friend who is All Involved in it.  I rather groaned and rolled my eyes when I heard my friend spout the merits of the process because the friend of my friend strikes me as the kind of person who does everything that is perfectly hip and happening from the just right baby shoes to unschooling without really having an understanding of education and learning.It's not completely fair of me and I realized my bias....more

Drill, Baby, Drill

This Sunday’s NY Times illuminated the growing trend in early learning. Kumon is a Japanese import in the form of a tutoring franchise which has, of late, focused its attention on reading and math skills for pre-kindergarteners from ages 2 to 5. In New York City, enrollment in Junior Kumon has grown tremendously. The cost is from $200....more

My first 4 children did not attend preschool, I was a stay at home and enjoyed having them ...more