Under Secretary for Economic Affairs and Performs the Duties of the Deputy Secretary, Rebecca M. Blank

Jobs. The economy. Small business. Start-ups. Venture capital. These perennial issues get a lot of play in posts and comments at BlogHer.com. Who better to add to the catalogue of information and affirmation about the role women have in those areas than Dr. Rebecca M. Blank, Under Secretary for Economic Affairs and performs the duties of the Deputy Secretary? ...more

Just keep these conversations going. Not enough women are engaged in this topic and it is so ...more

What Would You Ask Gloria Steinem? I Will Ask Her For You This Thursday!

This year, to wrap up our Month of Awesome Women, I have the choice opportunity to interview Gloria Steinem, activist and feminist icon while she's in San Francisco for an evening with Gloria and young feminist leaders, sponsored by the Women's Media Center. [Tickets still available...check it out.]...more

You can read it (and it's very thoughtful, articulate and inspiring) more

Daphne Pinkerson, Director of HBO's "Triangle: Remembering The Fire"

When visiting my aunt in Washington Square, I can’t count the number of times I’ve passed where the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire occurred, unaware the building still existed in the NYU sprawl. It’s strange how certain events make it into schoolbooks, others disappearing into thin air. One hundred years later, Daphne Pinkerson’s film Triangle: Remembering the Fire, tells the personal stories of those affected by the tragedy that changed US worker’s rights forever. ...more

That's what Daphne and I spoke about at length. My hope is that filmmakers humanizing tragedies ...more

A Month of Awesome Women: Pam Muñoz Ryan

I didn't see her as a Mexican-American writer. I didn't see her characters through the lens of race. I was drawn to the strength, flare, and honesty of her writing. I related to her characters even though I hadn't walked in their shoes, and I knew the children would, too. That is what makes a writer worth her weight in ink. ...more

What an inspirational post. :) Thank you for sharing the video and resources. I thought you'd be ...more

A Month of Awesome Women: Yvette Mulongo

Don't let Yvette Mulongo's big brown eyes or soft-spoken voice fool you. She is one awesome woman, determined to change one of the most dangerous places to be a woman -- one girl at a time. Mulongo is a healthcare advocate from the Democratic Republic of Congo, a country known as the "ground zero of rape." Maternal death, lack of access to basic education and contraception, and a destructive disease called fistula are also commonplace in Mulongo's home country. ...more

Thank you, Grace, for sharing Ms. Mulongo's story with us. As awful as it is for me to say this, ...more