Store-Bought Pie Dough Showdown: Do Any Compare to Homemade?

[Editor's Note: Are you a homemade crust user or a store-bought crust user? In this post from our archives, I put some store-bought crusts through their paces (and updated the prices for 2013). --Julie] ...more
Store bought is so salty! I use the King Arthur Flour's recipe with the buttermilk powder and it ...more

Apple Pie Lab Experiment #2: Lattice Crust and Pie Variations

So after yesterday's gratifying success with my first apple pie, I decided to try a couple of variations. I've always been fascinated with lattice crusts -- pastry weaving looks so cool. But it's a pain, and pie is already a pain. So is a lattice crust necessary for certain pie? Or does it make a pie taste better? ...more

thanks for posting - I'll be sure to give it a try


Gluten-Free Pies for Thanksgiving

Given the incredible crust-flake-producing properties of vegetable shortening and the amazing pie-structuring properties of silken tofu, veggie or vegan pie is no more challenging to make than traditional pie. But gluten-free pie is another story. ...more

Hi Julie,

Belated, but thanks so much for all the kind mentions in this post! Yes, some of us ...more

Guess What I Talked to Alex Trebek About This Week? PIE.

This week, I flew to LA to be a contestant on Jeopardy! And though the title of the show Jeopardy! actually includes the exclamation point, you can assume the excitement is my own. It was a lifelong dream and really fun and fascinating and contrary to my strong conviction at the time of taping I did not faint and that's all I can say about it now -- if you want to know what happened, tune in on March 25, 2011. Oh, one more thing: I talked to Alex about pie. Pie! ...more

Julie! I've been wondering if you made the cut!!! That is so bad ass. Just ...more

Pie Birds, Slicers, Gates, Shields, and Other Pie Accessories

I did not get into this project for the pie bling, but the more you make pie, the more you encounter interesting solutions to problems unique to pie -- no surprise, because pie can be so very problematic. I've run down a few of them for your edification: Problem: Puffy Crust. Possible Solution: Pie Weights ...more

Lifesaving Thanksgiving Cranberry-Walnut Pie

If you've been following a Month of Pies, you may have picked up on something: I'm not very fond of the sweetie pie. (I'm also probably not personally a sweetie pie, but that's irrelevant.) I just don't like super-sugary pie. I'm much fonder of savory -- mmmm, savory pie. ...more

Julie, my mouth just watered. I love it. Saving this recipe for the near ...more

The Week in Pie-a-Day: What I've Learned

Two weeks into NaBloPieMo, and I owe you a running tally of pies and pie lessons. I'm still making a pie a day, but often not blogging about my (sometimes messy) creations, so here's My Week in Pie and what I've learned so far. ...more

Chicken pot pie is a classic and so good at this time of year. Go for it!!



My Top 6 Pies ... on Video

It's Friday night and I'm full of pie and feel like some mindless fun. Grab some popcorn (er, or pie) and settle in for my top six pie videos of all time ... 6 - Sweeney Todd, Worst Pies in London I'm not the world's biggest Sweeney fan but I do love this song. Here's Patti LuPone singing it on Broadway: ...more

Why I'm Never Sick of Pie Even When I'm Sick of Pie

So apparently some food bloggers are sick of pie and looking for something new. Don't they know it's NaBloPieMo? OK, I can see what they mean. I noted in my first post that pie is SO HOT right now (and therefore ripe for burnout). $44-dollar Momofuku pies! Pie bike delivery! Image by The Bitten Word via Flickr. I've seen a lot of alternatives to pie already this year: pumpkin pie bread, pumpkin cheesecake, pumpkin custard -- all of which sound very, very good. But pie … is pie. Pie is special. ...more

My mom told me as a child that her grandmother had passed down to her mom and down to her, the ...more

Vegan Pie for Everyone! NaBloPieMo Meets Vegan MoFo

Happy Vegan Month of Food! Started by Post-Punk Kitchen (which has a fantastic vegan baking tutorial to get you started), Vegan MoFo asks participants to blog vegan every weekday. To celebrate -- and because I have eaten my body weight in butter already this month, and there's still 21 days of pie to go and, er, Thanksgiving -- a vegan pie-o-rama! ...more

I just use water, no boullion cubes, but ...more