Beware the Cherpumple, Mutant Cake-Pie Thing!

The bottom layer is an apple pie inside a spice cake. The middle layer is a pumpkin pie inside a yellow cake. The top layer is a cherry pie inside a white cake. Cher-pump-le. ...more

I liked the idea of the pie in a cake but all those different kinds seemed way to gross. I just ...more

How Do You Transport a Pie?

I have a dilemma. Two, actually. I have an office full of people hungry for pie. And a house full of two people who are decidedly NOT hungry for pie. And two cats who have so far not shown a taste for the stuff (not even the salmon pie -- color me surprised). But I take the bus to the train to the shuttle into work. And I can barely transport a pie from the oven to the counter. ...more

Hi Julie! We think we may have a solution to your “cooked pie conundrum”. To adhere to TSA’s ...more

Nutella Pie

Today I forgot about pie. I had other things to do. I had to study some stuff. (More about that later.) I had some errands to run and some chores to do. And then I was going to write about pie but something was wrong with my computer. His name is Nougat. ...more

I don't know how I missed it. I've seen it for years and I guess I assumed it was some more ...more

Thank God for Broccoli Pot Pie!

The two whole cups of sugar I poured into yesterday's buttermilk pie have had an effect. I have all the ingredients for a cranberry-pecan pie ready to go. I love cranberry-pecan pie. But last night I hit the wall. I just couldn't do it. I couldn't eat -- bless me, I couldn't even mix -- another dessert pie. I actually had to hide the simple syrup I keep on the counter for coffee. ...more

This looks awesome, I'm goign to have to give it a try soon. Broccoli is now my favorite vege ...more

The Incredible Sweetness of Buttermilk Pie

Me, texting: Hey Mom. Have you ever had buttermilk pie? Mom: My Aunt Fanny used to make it all the time! It was her thing! Me: I thought so. I never got to try it, but I found a recipe on Homesick Texan -- Lisa seems to share a lot of traditions with our family, judging by her chicken fried steak ... ...more

This Buttermilk pie is something we'd make in TN too! Soo Good! Every southerner has had it & ...more

Election Day: Which Pie Gets Your Vote, Sweet Potato or Pumpkin?

Today's an important day. Today, in the U.S., we vote. We're voting on a lot of things, and one thing's for sure -- politics can get weird. So today I'm bringing it back to the real issues. The things that matter. The Issues Explained ...more

I hate to say it but I don't think that I have ever had Sweet Potato Pie! My family is composed ...more

Welcome to a Month of Pies!

Welcome to a Month of Pies! I'll be blogging every day this month on the subject of everyone's favorite circular pastry: PIE. Here's why: ...more
I love pie, almost as much as I love cupcakes.  Pecan and Apple are my favourite types of pie.more