I need a slice of Pumpkin Pie right NOW

Maybe you've noticed I seem to have been avoiding the biggest pumpkin topic of all... the PUMPKIN PIE. Sorry, I know all caps is bad but it had to be done. Pumpkin Pie deserves capital letters. It's the only pie I love. It's the only pie I look forward to. It's the only pie that causes me to reach for seconds (ok maybe thirds.) ...more

First - love the picture of your grandmother. That alone is worth it for me to try the ...more

Pumpkin costumes aren't just for kids - or are they?

When I think "pumpkin costume", this adult costume is NOT what comes to mind. I cannot imagine wearing such a thing but if you've done it, you should totally share your post/photos. I'm sure it looked great on you. ...more

Yeaaah. There's nothing like the early pregnancy to make you feel pretty old, hee. I was 22 ...more

Drunk on Pumpkin?

This is a really big stretch for me... really big. Alanna teases me about all of the foods that I won't eat(and rightfully so - the teasing and the me not eating) but you can all tease me about the fact that I don't drink alcohol. Yuk. ...more

I do drink alcohol, and I like trying new things. Although I am with christinalovesdogs and ...more

Pumpkin Themed Parties

When I started writing this post, I thought it was going to be about pumpkin cupcake toppers. I came to my senses and switched the focus to pumpkin themed parties - lots more fun and it keeps me from being tempted by toppers! (Back Story: Once upon a time, I blogged about cupcake toppers EVERY Friday. My blog was slightly famous for that Friday theme. Thankfully, I no longer blog cupcake toppers...) ...more

 Thanks so much. I'm gonna incorporate these ideas.

Kraft, believe it or not, also has ...more

Flash Fun with Pumpkins

TW was trying to take her second nap of the day. It sounded like a good idea but I just couldn't manage it, so I did what you're supposed to do when you're feeling lazy but can't quite manage to nap... I went surfing for time sucking flash games. First up, the pretty boring but oddly compelling Pumpkin Battle. I might find this compelling because I don't particularly like my neighbors so I know how the nice quiet pumpkin feels. ...more

The Price of Pumpkins

I have no idea how much a decent sized pumpkin costs. We bought five pumpkins of various types and sizes from a pumpkin patch and we spent $20ish dollars on them. Maybe a little more, maybe a little less - I don't really remember (which is probably why I'm always more "broke" than I think I should be, right?) ...more

and if so I'll update you on prices. But I remember last year everything was from about 7 for ...more

Pumpkin Soups, mmmm good!?!

When I was a kid, I liked soup. If I think about it long enough, a can of Campbell's Bean with Bacon soup could even bring back fond memories of young adulthood when we were flat broke and I'd splurge and buy a couple of cans - it seemed "heartier" to do that than just have Ramen and it wasn't that much more expensive. (Plus, I OD'd on Ramen as a teen and haven't willingly eaten it since then.) ...more

Wow, your soup looks so delicious! Beautiful photo...more

Presidential Pumpkins

Every Halloween, since the dawn of the internets, I've been sent email forwards and weblinks that contained links to presidential pumpkins. Every year I've kind of shrugged and said "whatever". I don't get it. But maybe that's because I try really hard not to get overly emotional about political figures. A politician is a politician is a politician and I would never carve a pumpkin to resemble one - not to be scary, or supportive or sarcastic. My brand of humor (or Halloween celebration) just doesn't run in that direction. ...more

I think I need to see examples to really get to the heart of this wonderful post.

It would ...more

It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown

Is there anyone reading this who has not seen the cartoon version of It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown? Probably not. I have to confess that while I looked forward every year to the arrival of "The Great Pumpkin" on TV, I was never really a fan. ...more

I think what you're remembering is the fight between Snoopy & The Red Baron in the Christmas ...more

Savory Pumpkin Recipes

In an attempt to assist me with this series of pumpkin posts, TW put a couple of savory pumpkin dishes on the menu for this week. I'm sure they'll be fine but as much as love pumpkin, I don't necessarily love pumpkin as a main dish or even as an appetizer. ...more

I found this pumpkin cheese soup with cranberries on Foodbuzz, the recipe is from Art Epicure ...more