The Thing I'd Change

Cross-Post: The Thing I'd Change -- if I could change something in my life, it would be to make the years 2003 - 2006 disappear. (NaBloPoMo Prompt 9)...more

When is a Bad Mood More than a Bad Mood?

If you suffer from a mood disorder, like chronic depression, bipolar disorder, or the like, it's awful hard to determine when you're just in a plain-old, vanilla bad mood, or when you're slipping down that slippery slope of depression.  I'm not sure what the answer is; how DO you know when a bad mood is just a bad mood?  I talk about it in my most recent blog post:

A Child’s Rage

I never imagined when I held my newborn son that someday I’d be trained by a therapist on how to “hold” my 10 year old boy while he’s in a rage. If you’ve never witnessed a child you love go into an uncontrollable rage, let me try and paint you the picture....more
I walk this path too. It is heartbreaking and makes me redefine everything I thought I knew ...more

Are Anti-Depressants Good or Evil?

I’m sitting in the green room, about to appear on Daytime TV, and the television is blaring in the background. Now mind you, I don’t have television in my home so I’m a bit out of the loop. But since I’ve been sitting here, I’ve seen one anti-depressant ad after another (mixed in with ads for lawyers who want to help you sue your doctor if you had complications from your anti-depressant). WTF? ...more
I found myself relating to many of you because I also suffer from severe chronic pain along with ...more

Extreme Anxiety and New Motherhood: The Perfect Storm

As I was researching last week's post on parenting trends of the past ten years, I realized why my daughter's babyhood was so difficult for me. ...more
Amazing read, this is ME!  Thank you for posting a very authentic story, and painting the ...more