My life is filled with files, folders, small scraps of paper, bits of wisdom, ideas, bookmarked links, books and charts all having something to do with either The Goddess or the moon.  Equally obsessed with both, my interest in the ways of the moon began once I understood that I am just as she is; cyclical and ever changing. While the sun and his radiant, life-giving essence belong to everyone, the moon and her deep, inner cycles belong exclusively, deliciously and mysteriously to women. Why is this?...more


I wantet to test  the camera on my mobilephone, and took this picture....more

The moon in Maine

Original post and full-size photos at Scarlet Words I was working on a different post to share with you tonight....more

#274 Present, Day 8 of 31

 I don't believe much about Astrology....more

Another Piece Gone

Another piece of my childhood has gone.  With the passing of Neil Armstrong, a vivid childhood memory came back in to focus.I clearly remember as a child, my father waking us at 4 or 4:30 in the morning to watch the Apollo missions.  Back in the Sixties, space exploration was a huge deal.  I was fortunate to have a dad who was just as excited about it as we kids were.Rest in peace, Neil.  And per your family's request...the next time I see the moon, I'll send a wink up to you....more

The Moon, That Certain Book about Grey, and New Performance Art

I have a few friends and acquaintances who are doctors, nurses, and psychiatrists.  They swear that a full moon brings out the weirdest cases.  When the moon is beaming in all its glory, more babies are born, patients come in with strange and exciting injuries, and the mentally unstable become even more erratic.  I believe that it really does affect us, and last weekend there was a supermoon, which was even bigger and brighter than normal.  My mom posted something funny on Facebook: “If the moon is 14% bigger and 30% brighter, does that mean that people ...more

Sealed By The Crow A restless spiritWalks outsideI hear her stepsI hear her cryThe light is broken...more

Making Chinese Moon Cakes with “A Tiger in the Kitchen”

Monday, September 12 marks the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival, a celebration of the harvest for Chinese around the world, as well as many other Asian cultures. It's a holiday rooted in folklore and history, but for many Chinese Americans, it's all about the moon cakes. In my experience, these dense, sweet pastries come from a tin or a Chinese bakery. I don’t know any Chinese Americans who make them from scratch anymore—they are intricate, labor intensive, and who has the time?...more
This is a great story and I love the picture. So pretty! I am interested in trying these ...more

Invoking the mother

"From mother to mother throughout the ages,I am the Blessed Gate of Life. From the Great Mother of All comes my power, the power of love and giving to the world." – Michelle Royce  I awoke this morning with distinct feelings of concern clinging to me from the night before....more

Hunting by the Silvery Moonlight

Moon, Porous, Copse.Dense fog winds its way around and between evergreen treetops.  At ground level a little rabbit nibbles green clover, sweet and wet with dew.  He watches and listens for trouble, the fog making it difficult to tell where each noise comes from.  Not being able to see magnifies the danger, each sense is at attention and his nerves are jumpy. To read this post and more by:  neekswrite!...more