As above, so below

The Moon Goddess “is the one who ebbs and flows with the tides, who feels within her the heartbeat of the Earth… She is within all women everywhere – women who transform and flow from one stage of life to another, shedding their skins and re-emerging each time with more wisdom, beauty and power.” – Michelle Royce...more

From Divorce to Somewhere Else (A Metaphorical Journey)

The vessel carries me forward – into the dark night. A lunar face observes my wanderings, not a descent really, more an investigation or exploration of how I am going to get to where I must go. There is no chance of going back. Once illuminated you can’t pretend you don’t see. The feminine face watches from her airy throne. ...more

Getting a Tattoo

SO I DID IT.  I got a tattoo, went for the rebellion.  and it was fun. ...more

Lunar Phases and Beauty

Astrology: Sagittarius Moon – Good Times!

Perk up! The Moon has moved out of brooding, intense Scorpio and into optimistic, jovial Sagittarius.  We always feel a lift in spirits after this transition. Thoughts turn to travel and adventure – fun. ...more

Celtic Year - Vine Moon

// ...more

American Ramdan Day Four: Calendars and Sacrifice

So I made it through yesterday, barely. And I only have 25 more days to go. At least I thought I did. Another calendar I picked up at the store showed 30 days not the 29 days that I am observing. ...more


Watching the moon at midnight, solitary, mid-sky, I knew myself completely, no part left out. -Izumi Shikubu ...more

What is an Urban Shaman?

I've always been a sky watcher, since I was very young, but as I got more and more involved in the idea of feminine divinity, my moon watching, in particular, grew in intensity and importance. Today at blisschick, I have the great honor of interviewing Urban Shaman and Author, Donna Henes, who happened to write one of my favorite books -- The Moon Watcher's Companion. Please stop by for a visit and share your moon and goddess stories! ...more

New Moon in Cancer~Bring in the Light!

New Moon In Cancer 12 degrees ...more