Invoking the mother

"From mother to mother throughout the ages,I am the Blessed Gate of Life. From the Great Mother of All comes my power, the power of love and giving to the world." – Michelle Royce  I awoke this morning with distinct feelings of concern clinging to me from the night before....more

Hunting by the Silvery Moonlight

Moon, Porous, Copse.Dense fog winds its way around and between evergreen treetops.  At ground level a little rabbit nibbles green clover, sweet and wet with dew.  He watches and listens for trouble, the fog making it difficult to tell where each noise comes from.  Not being able to see magnifies the danger, each sense is at attention and his nerves are jumpy. To read this post and more by:  neekswrite!...more

Full moon women's circle

“A ritual serves as a bridge to carry purposeful, symbolic meaning to the personal or collective conscious and subconscious mind. When consciously created and enacted, ritual can be transforming; linking the past, present, and future into a continuum that can be observed, felt, and learned from.” – Ruth Barrett...more

As above, so below

The Moon Goddess “is the one who ebbs and flows with the tides, who feels within her the heartbeat of the Earth… She is within all women everywhere – women who transform and flow from one stage of life to another, shedding their skins and re-emerging each time with more wisdom, beauty and power.” – Michelle Royce...more

From Divorce to Somewhere Else (A Metaphorical Journey)

The vessel carries me forward – into the dark night. A lunar face observes my wanderings, not a descent really, more an investigation or exploration of how I am going to get to where I must go. There is no chance of going back. Once illuminated you can’t pretend you don’t see. The feminine face watches from her airy throne. ...more

Getting a Tattoo

SO I DID IT.  I got a tattoo, went for the rebellion.  and it was fun. ...more

Astrology: Sagittarius Moon – Good Times!

Perk up! The Moon has moved out of brooding, intense Scorpio and into optimistic, jovial Sagittarius.  We always feel a lift in spirits after this transition. Thoughts turn to travel and adventure – fun. ...more

American Ramdan Day Four: Calendars and Sacrifice

So I made it through yesterday, barely. And I only have 25 more days to go. At least I thought I did. Another calendar I picked up at the store showed 30 days not the 29 days that I am observing. ...more