Saturday & Sunday Moon In Cancer

May 3 and 4, 2014 could be a weekend of emotional mood swings, creativity and/or over the top hospitality as the Moon settles into the nurturing Water sign it rules = Cancer. We may experience some feelings of sensitivity and vulnerability. Don’t use it as an excuse to indulge in emotional over eating. ...more

Cancer Moon Weekend: Friends, Family, Food!

The Moon is content this Saturday and Sunday as it sits in the Zodiac sign it rules. Water sign Cancer sets us up to enjoy the comforts of home. Domesticity has its merits, make yourself, and anyone who happens to stop by, comfortable. Kindness and grace and a good meal can be so soothing for everyone....more

Weekend Moon – Compassionate Cancer

Arriving on Friday morning 11/30/12 and remaining until Sunday, the Moon, Water sign Cancer’s ruler, makes us sensitive and feeling vulnerable when transiting the 4th Astrology sign. Be creative, be pro active, try to keep any mood swings at bay. You can always cook something, set a pretty table. It’s the perfect outlet for all that “nurture” driven energy for which comfy, caring Cancer is noted. Domesticity has its merits – make family and friends comfortable. Make everyone feel at home....more

Cancer Moon Weekend – Gather Together!

Late Friday evening, February 3, 2012, the moon floats into the Water sign it rules – Cancer. The Moon is very comfortable and happy in this emotional, familycentric 4th sign of the Zodiac and will remain there until Monday morning. It can put us in the perfect mood for creating a super Super Bowl Party (or any alternative gathering of loved ones that you prefer). A feast for family and friends = fun....more

Astrology: A Nurturing, Royal Weekend – Moon in Cancer & Leo 6/3/11

Early on Friday June 3rd, the Moon floats into Cancer  – the Water sign it rules. There will be sensitivity and emotion, but also the possibility of good home cooking. (Not a bad mix.) Downplay any moodiness and let Cancer’s kind, mothering instincts invite those you are fond of to share the healthy and tasty things in the fridge. All this sharingness will last until late Saturday night....more

Astrology: Weekend Moon in Familycentric Cancer 5/6/11

This can be a weekend of emotional mood swings, creativity and/or feeding loved ones as the Moon glides its way into the nurturing Water sign of Cancer on Friday night, May 6, 10:32 PM Eastern / 7:32PM Pacific. ...more

Astrology: The Weekend Moon – Variety of Moods!

As you know, the Moon changes Astrology signs every 2 to 2 1/2 days. If you don’t like the Lunar energy one day, wait a few days for a possible change.  This weekend is no different. ...more

Astrology: Moon in Cancer and Leo This Weekend

Expect a mix of home and drama for this weekend. On Friday 9/3, the Moon is happy and comfortable in the sign it rules – emotional, familycentric Cancer and on Sunday morning, we feel the fun influences of “look at me!”  Leo as the Moon does a grand procession into that regal sign. (Wear something Gold.) ...more

Astrology: Cancer Moon Weekend- Get Comfy!

Call home – Friday afternoon, 8/6, has the Moon moving into its own sign of Cancer. This water sign gets us all in the mood for family, food and anywhere we are hanging our hats this weekend. This can be a loving, nurturing time. ...more