Crazed and Confused – Mercury Retrograde 4/28/16

Yes, we will experience Mercury Retrograde, the 2nd of 4 occurrences in 2016, on Thursday, April 28 in Earth sign Taurus. No need to go “cray - cray” just because the communication planet reverses motion. Mercury is concerned with information, travel, education, technical gadgets and small appliances - things that help our lives go. We can overcome, we can handle, we can deal – as long as we pay attention to details and “back up” our stuff. This planet’s often confusion generating backward sky motion continues until 5/22/16, when it stops motion and goes Direct....more

Weekend Moon: Solid Taurus & Flexible Gemini

IDK what you’ve got planned for Friday March 15th, but with a grounded, earthy, Taurus Moon you could start your weekend stubborn and determined. We can use its often Bull like nature to get things done. This 2nd sign of the Zodiac, ruled by lovely Venus, also loves the sensual, so some romance, some good food are not bad to add to the agenda....more

Solid & Stubborn Taurus Moon Weekend!

A couple of weeks ago, we experienced the first Taurus Moon weekend of the year and hopefully we all enjoyed its lovely Venus influenced sensual vibe. This time, beginning early on Friday February 15, 2013, we get the same loving earthiness along with some Taurean “fixed” traits. (There are reasons why a Bull is the symbol for this 2nd sign of the Zodiac.)...more

Weekend Horoscope: The Bull Brings Love AND Money!

It’s a Taurus Moon beginning Friday evening January 18, 2013. Feeling beautiful, stubborn and material? It might be the vibrations of this fixed, finance focused Earth sign guided by the elegant, luxury loving planet Venus. There may be choices to be made about weekend plans. Either tackle those finances (taxes anyone?) or indulge yourself (along with a significant other?) with one of those decadent little chocolate cakes with the red raspberry filling! Money vs Romance – remember, not all things are either/or. “AND” can often work very well too....more

Astrology: Taurus & Gemini Moon – Variety Filled Weekend!

Beginning Friday September 16, a sensual Taurus Moon will work its magic until the multi-tasking Gemini Lunar orb brings a different kind of terrific early in the morning on Sunday September 18.  Earthy, Venus ruled Taurus and Airy, Mercury ruled Gemini should make for a social weekend – tender romance, delicious food, entertaining conversation, high or low brow literary pursuits – not bad!...more

Astrology: Moon in Taurus and Gemini For This Weekend

December 17th has the possibilities of being a loving, luxurious Friday or a stubborn, determined one. Just depends. Earth sign Taurus Moon speaks to beauty, sensuality and also the obstinate bull in us. Hmmmm, which way to go? ...more

Astrology: Taurus Full Moon for Weekend 11/19/10

Weekend Moon in Taurus starts Friday and this Venus ruled Earth sign’s power is intensified during the full Moon phase early Sunday.  ...more

Astrology: Aries Moon for the Weekend 8/27

Moon vibrates in energetic Fire sign Aries for Friday and Saturday.  The mood will change on Sunday morning as the Moon shifts into the steady Earth sign Taurus. ...more