We Bought a House with 13 Sex Offenders Living Nearby

"Tell her I said this isn't a fun game." Bubba's face was dead serious as his fingers swiped across the screen of my iPad. It was 10:15 at night and we were supposed to be playing a rousing game of Scrabble (which he usually wins, by the way). Instead, we had our county's sex offender location website pulled up and there were thirteen little flags planted within a five mile radius of the house we had just put an offer in on. ...more
Go to familywatchdog.us/ you can get a map of your area, with offenders of differing types ...more

In Which I Have a Dilemma

God I’m in a terrible mood because once again, I find myself in the middle of a moral and ethical dilemma.  Part of me wonders why this keeps happening to me but truly, I know why.  It keeps happening because I can’t just stand there on the sidelines and watch a train wreck, especially if I know that it’s happening in slow motion and that maybe, just maybe, I could have affected the outcome.  ...more

I do think you do have to say something to the parents. If they choose to be in denial about ...more