Choice, Conscience, and Christmas

For the past several years, I've reflected during the Christmas season on what The Annunciation says about women, self-determination, and pregnancy. I've read the story many times - basically an angel comes to Mary to tell her that God chose her to give birth to His son, then the angel gives her some time to think about it, and Mary agrees to do it. There's nothing in there about anyone being forced to give birth to a child that she did not plan for. What's beautiful about the story is that Mary voluntarily says yes, risking serious social ostracizing and other problems. ...more

The morality meter: Pageants to porn

It is incredible how the onus of morality and tradition is always on the woman. What women do, what we wear, how we speak, how we have sex: entire cultures and religions seem to be precariously poised, almost exclusively, on our feminine shoulders. Ordinarily, this would be cause for celebration but for the mundane fact that it is others -- primarily men --- who tell us when we are overstepping our boundaries and how we are letting our cultures and traditions waste away, and so on and so forth. ...more

I'm pretty sure that most women who joins pageant knows what they are doing, let's just pray ...more

Medical Ethics, Bloggers and The Ethics of Integrity

I was in the doctor’s office. There was no nurse or attendant to act as a witness. The doctor spent a great deal of time examining my breasts. I wasn’t sure it was necessary but he had a white coat, a stethoscope and a degree on the wall. He kept going over my areolas and examining my nipples. The room was cold. I was uncomfortable. Finally he told me to put my blouse back on and wait in the next room.  I was confused, did something just happen or is it my imagination? ...more

   My case also happened many years ago,also where I live is a small/tiny town. I think ...more

In Search of Blogging Ethics – Starting Points

Low life scumbags have been stealing blog posts it seems like years. I remember finding one of my videos surrounded by ads for a violent movie. Thing was I think I had recorded a peace march. You think that advertiser got his money’s worth? When I e-mailed the person asking him to take down my video he replied that since he was outside of the U.S. American laws didn’t apply to him. It was on the Internet and it was free so why should I be upset? Since he had ripped off a number of people eventually he was convinced of the error of his ways. ...more

I really enjoyed your blog. I am a professional photographer and I've had other photogs copy ...more

Paying It Forward-A Concept Of Life

Long before Oprah's 'paying it forward' on one of her favorite things to do this holiday season, I've been incorporating the long time belief system that my parents instilled from an early age , simply that the simple act of "sowing seeds" in which we give to those less fortunate without expecting anything in retrun. We give, in essence to offer up hope, relief from worry/stress and just because it is the human and spiritual thing to do... ...more

What I Learned in Grade School ~ Play Nice ~ Don't Plagiarize

OK readers, friends & bloggy buddies ~  today's Rant of the Week is we're going to have a little lesson in how to 'Play Nice With Others." See the little banner on the top right of my sidebar that I recently relocated due to an unfortunate incident?  Above it in red, it says "Don't Even Think About It." Underneath, it says "Yes, It's Copyrighted." ...more

Hello there,

I agree completely, plagiarizing is wrong.

On the other hand, ...more

Mixed Families....Different but the Same

What a great weekend! Even though it's about to be Monday soon, at least I am comforted by the thoughts of a short work week, thanks to July 4th. Add that to my doctor's appt. on Thurs., and we are sittin' pretty with a 3.5 day work week! Yeah!! ...more