Open Letter To Whomever Is Writing the Women and the Priesthood Essay has hosted a series of essays this year that have addressed some of the murkier parts of the Mormon history and doctrine. While these essays have fallen short of people’s concerns in a lot of ways, it has also inspired a lot of hope. It is the first time many of these things are being addressed and publicly spoken about, which is just a relief all its own....more
Write an essay on a religious theme, not a simple ...more

How to wear Leather Leggings!

How do you wear leather leggings? Check out my blog for a three-part series on how to style leather leggings and be apart of one of the seasons hottest trends!Visit below!

Fur the Love of Spring

The weather where I live has been unseasonably warm (and wonderful!), and the snow is mostly melted!  I am so excited that spring weather is around the corner!  Usually I think the dead plants look ugly, and just want the pretty new green foliage and flowers to come… but I think I’m so excited for spring, that I have found a new beauty in the dull colors and the changing seasons. This outfit incorporates the colors I’ve seen around me....more

Floral Fashion Frenzy feat. Fancy Frills Boutique

I can’t get enough floral in my wardrobe during the spring and summer! Floral patterns and the warmer months just go together like peanut butter and jelly! I’ve teamed up with one of my favorite boutiques, Fancy Frills Boutique, to bring you some of the CUTEST floral tops! Go check out their inventory– seriously, the most adorable items! Hope you enjoy these looks!...more

Caged: Growing Up A Mormon Girl

 Kate Kelly, leader of the Ordain Women organization, was formally excommunicated from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, more commonly referred to as the Mormon Church. Kate Kelly’s crime was to start an organization that requested that the Mormon authorities pray about the idea of women being granted the priesthood....more

One Heart, One Mind: Trimming Zion

“And the Lord called his people Zion, because they were of one heart and one mind. And dwelt in righteousness and there was no poor among them.” Moses 7:18...more

Tax Series #6: You mentioned bunching of itemized deductions—I want in! Tell me how!

This is the last post in our tax series (see rest of series here)! Not going to lie-- as much as we love taxes, Lisa and I were really just trying to power through this tax series so we could build up our reference (read: slightly less exciting) material before we do our first giveaway (as in, before people really start reading our blog). ...more

Pants on Fire

Oh, but the Mormon world has exploded this past week.  What began as a fairly simple movement has turned into some shocking drama.  I know all people are prone to over reactions, but I feel like as Mormons we excel at this.  I think it’s a part of our mythology.  Joanna Brooks hit on this in her book, Book of Mormon Girl.  The Mormon pioneers would “circle their wagons” as to protect themselves from danger.  Mormons have been through such ...more

Conservative Mormon reactions to the Obacalypse*

I have a lot of thoughts about the elections on Tuesday.  More than a few reactions myself.  Relief.  I’m so relieved that most Americans can see that we’re heading the right direction and have voted to keep going forward instead of regressing.  Hope.  I’m hopeful that since Obama can’t run again, the House Republicans will make their goal economic improvement, instead of one term president.  I’m hoping we’ll get some compromise from here on out.  It has certainly been lacking.  A lot....more

Who Owns The Term Mormon?

Polygamy is a touchy subject for many Mormons.  Mention the word polygamy to a faithful Mormon and you will observe an almost universal knee-jerk reaction – an explanation that Mormons do not practice polygamy and that polygamist groups covered in mainstream media are not Mormon.  To counter the image of polygamy, Mormon authorities made an unsuccessful attempt to trademark the term “Mormon”, as an attempt to prevent fundamenta...more