Just write

Inspired by the concept of "Morning Pages" from Julia Cameron's "The Artist's Way" (see my previous post for details), I've been working on developing a daily writing habit - three pages, longhand, no holds barred. Just write. It's fast becoming an addiction! ...more

My Artist's Way Toolkit: Rediscovering the Joy in Writing

We're shaking things up this month in BlogHer Book Club! We're not reviewing a book, but we are reviewing something that's decidedly bookish. This month we're looking at a new subscription service from the creative mind of Julia Cameron. Have you read The Artist's Way and Cameron's other books? Have you loved her suggestions and recommendations but been able to quite get yourself to them? Then My Artist's Way Toolkit service (and app!) are just the thing for you. ...more
Julia Cameron's books are wonderful, but I tried the Artist's Way Toolkit and found it very ...more

The Magic of Morning Pages

I’ve carried out a certain ritual every single morning for the past few years.  It takes half an hour, and brings me clarity, insights, relaxation, stability, and helps me to stay in touch with the source of my creativity.  It works almost like magic.  ...more