BlogHer Talks Sex on Lifetime's The Suzanne Show

So there I was, at an ungodly hour of the morning, sitting under the lights in hair & makeup while I was coiffed and airbrushed so I'd look a little more alive than I felt before the required three cups of coffee. Somehow, I wasn't nervous. I was about to sit down before Lifetime's audience with Suzanne Somers to talk about sex and I felt right at home. ...more
AV! When it's online somewhere, will you post a link? I'd love to see and cut cable.more

Play the "Does that Make Me Crazy?" Game

During my 45-minute commute to work this morning, I happened to hone in on a funny morning show bit. They're usually too obnoxious to handle, but this one was different. In fact, it had me laughing out loud (yes, LOL) in the car! ...more

If a black cat crosses in front of me, I have been known to turn around and drive miles out ...more