Lions, Tigers, and Cinnamon Bears, OH MY.

Let me just start by saying that I don't enjoy all of the gifts of pregnancy. I enjoy the gentle nudges from within, seeing the heartbeat and baby at the ultrasounds, and the excitement that comes from knowing a new person is about to enter our family and home. That's kind of it....more

Morning Sickness: The Gurus of 2015

"I'm pregnant!!!!" I squealed, at the very top of my lungs! Such joy and happiness I felt that day as I took my fourth pregnancy test that day. Little did I know that my euphoria would soon turn to weeks of pure misery as morning sickness set in and lasted ALL DAY! Lying on the couch with a garbage can next to me became my daily routine. Forget the days of makeup, high heels, and straightened hair...those days were replaced with sweat pants, pale skin, and frizzy hair that was shoved into a hair tie (on a good day)!...more

It doesn't have to go the way you're assuming - and dreading - it'll go

It’s well-known that there are physical ailments that are considered “common” during pregnancy. Morning sickness, fatigue, swollen ankles, back pain, and shortness of breath, to name a few. While many pregnant women experience these, I want to share the idea that you don’t have to get these ailments. You don’t needto expect to experience them. It’s not a “given,” even if a condition is hereditary. It may be a well-known fact that women in your family retain water and swell during pregnancy. You may have been told for years that you can look forward to this phenomenon....more

Vomiting And the Best Day in the World

As soon as I hit week 7, I started throwing up. This is what my days look like, more or less. I wake up feeling relatively fine. I get up and eat breakfast, which is when nausea shows up....more

What Eating for Two Really Means

Pregnancy is such an exciting and challenging time of your life. Balanced nutrition during pregnancy not only helps your baby grow properly, but can lead to a healthy family later. Studies have shown that your food choices during these nine months can shape your baby’s eating habits in childhood. Making the healthy choices now will provide your growing baby with nutritious habits for a lifetime. Give your baby the best start; eat healthy for TWO! ...more
@bellejarblog bellejarblog You were probably vitamin D deficient. Studies have shown that a ...more

SOS - Sperm Missiles Invading!

Operation Cheers To The Second Time has been launched.  Yes - we had unprotected sex. A little sperm missile invaded my egg. At least I think it did. It's too early to tell for sure. I know it doesn't sound especially romantic, but once the purpose of sex is baby making, I see myself as an assembly line. I blame my scientific background for it. This is not to say I did not enjoy the means by which one gets pregnant. I did. But that's not the point....more

It's Not Just Morning Sickness

According to the Merriam Webster dictionary the definition of morning sickness is: nausea and vomiting that occurs typically in the morning especially during the earlier months of pregnancy. Okay got that? According to the same Merriam Webster dictionary the definition of Hyperemesis Gravidarum is: excessive vomiting during pregnancy. Although they may seem similar, find one women who has been diagnosed with HG and ask her if she thinks they are comparable. Oh you found one, oh! It’s me? You really want to know what I think? Well, let me just shed some light on this situation shall I? Screw you Merriam Webster!!! Yea, you heard me!...more
Been there, done that! My first pregnancy was a second pregnancy I was admitted ...more

Vasovagal Syncope Strikes Again

  Note: I feel like I should apologize in advance, because this is the third post in a row that is rather complainy. Normally, I really do try to keep a positive outlook on life, and I see my blog as a way of sharing my joy with others.    But I also don’t want to make stuff up, or pretend things are better than they are....more
I am so sorry. I had "morning sickness" throughout the day, too and fainted with some ...more

Nothing Left to Give

It is only Day 6 of full-on pregnancy symptoms, and I’m already losing my mind. How in god’s name am I going to make it through another five weeks of this insanity? I wish I could just buck up. I wish I could soldier on, and not let the morning sickness drag me down....more
 @dvorakoelling Anytime. Keep up posted. Don't forget to post something about Emmy too :-) --We ...more