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How 5 Minutes a Day can be Life Changing

HOW 5 MINUTES A DAY CAN BE LIFE CHANGINGMarch 3, 2015Edit Decluttering my house has been a new routine that started...more

My morning routine

It’s so funny, after having nothing to post about yesterday, I found myself interested in a post my friend Phyllis of Napkin Hoarder wrote about her morning routine. She noted a recent article published by Forbes magazine on The Morning Routine of 12 Women Leaders.  I loved Phyllis’s point of view from an “average women’s morning”....more

The Busy Mom’s Guide to Gratitude

Mothering children under five is not just what you see on Facebook.  It is not only the smiles, the hugs, the proud parental moments, the family dinners, and the outings to fun (and seemingly tantrum-free) locations.It is also all the work and sweat behind the scenes – the times that no one ever takes photos.  The tears, the exhaustion, the frustration, the rising feeling that you are losing your sanity, the sweet release of stress after a 7pm bedtime, and of course the moments of humor and thankfulness woven in between....more

A Peek Inside Our Morning Routine: 4 Tips for Non-Morning Moms

Let me start this post off with a disclaimer: I’m NOT a morning person. I never was one, and never will be one, period. People ask me quite often, “How did you manage to get the kids and everyone out the door to school and work, nicely dressed, well fed, and on time every single morning?”. ...more

My, How Things Have Changed... For ME

Fast Household Morning Routines BEFORE Baby: Adam: shut off ridiculously loud and annoying alarm 3 or 4 times before opening eyes play Words With Friends on iphone for 15 minutes start car from bathroom with handy remote start shower, shave and get dressed within 15 minutes head out the door to work, approximately 20-30 minutes after final alarm went offJenny: listen to Adam's ridiculously loud and annoying ala...more

certainly, lot lots of routine changes happen to women when they have a baby and they still ...more

Change Your Morning Routine and Change Your Life

I once had a friend point out how disconcerting it can be to accidentally wash your body out of order in the shower. We all have a shower routine that involves washing various body parts in the same order -- day in and day out. And it throws off everything when you accidentally start with your arms instead of your legs, or maybe wash your hair before you wash your face as usual. That feeling of everything being a bit off usually stays with you long after you've dried off, and that's the effect we're going for as you tweak your morning. In other words, we are creatures of habit, and the best way to create a change is to break a habit by making a small change. ...more
Love this post! I truely believe that a good morning routine sets the tone for the rest of the ...more

Making ACHIEVABLE New Year's Resolutions

Lose weight. Quit smoking. Spend more time with the kids. Get organized.   These are typical resolutions...and are not attainable as they stand. What does “lose weight” mean? If you lose 1 or 2lbs, have you achieved that goal? Weight Watchers sets goals of 10% of your current weight....more

Mom Tip - Set Up Your Morning Routine

This year we are experiencing a lot of changes at our house. This will be the first time I will have to have a full fledged morning routine. In the past, my kids have eaten breakfast at school where they were in the after school program. Not this year.This means changes. Before my biggest morning concern was no fighting and making sure the peeps got up and got dressed. Now I have to make sure they are fed too!There are a few things to keep in mind when establishing your morning routine....more