How To Become A Morning Person: 10 steps

I have always thought I was blessed naturally as a morning person. My dad has always been a morning person so maybe it has rubbed off on me? That was until I came across a pretty neat article. As I read the article, some of the ideas of how to become a morning person seemed so natural. That is because I have grown up with parents who already did most of these. So why wouldn't they seem so natural to me....more

The Badass Mama's Guide to Stress-Free Mornings

OK, so MAYBE the title is a bit of an over-promise. But, if you follow a few of my handy-dandy tips, you can find yourself making it through back-to-school mornings with less yelling, less hair-pulling and even a little more Zen… ...more
I love this list! I'm a work-from-home mom, but I still need help having stress-free mornings. I ...more

Then the morning comes

5:30 already!? Yoga time!Is it sad that my sleeping in is getting to sleep until 6:15 on days I run instead of do yoga?I'm not even a morning person, but I drag myself out of bed almost every morning and do some sort of physical activity....more

Wake-up Call


Monday morning smiles

Monday mornings are difficult for everyone. Not just for those heading to an office, but also the WAHMs and the SAHMs. I’m too sleepy to write out the acronyms. Kids and parents are tired. Did we party too much? Nope. We just quickly got used to the weekend routine of not rushing, sleeping a bit later, staying up, playing with friends, dinners out, and then reality…alarms, school, work, making lunches, morning commutes. Grumble grumble. There are smiles buried here, stay with me.Today began like this:...more

Threshold of Pain

My kids have a threshold problem. It's as if they get stuck there, in the door frame, at the car, and most especially at the staircase, just caught between going and coming, not wanting one experience to end and so lingering, but hoping the next will have already begun and so impatient and demanding even as they refuse to move.This causes much drama in the mornings, especially because it's before my coffee and I am ill-equipped to deal with their special brand of blunt torture after just rising....more

Morning Reality Check

In my twenties, I thought marriage was supposed to resemble some weird combination of a Hollywood movie and 18th century poem.  I had already predetermined the types of phone conversations I would have with my betrothed.  A sample: BRNNNNNGGGGJoe:  My darling, you sound tired.  Have I awoken you from restful slumber? A person so emblematic of virtuous mind and spirit should not be disturbed by my clumsy love and desire to hear just a single word from your lips....more

Crack Fairy, Be Gone!!!

 Seriously, who put my address on the Crack Fairy's first morning stopping list? (As a disclaimer before I continue on with this post, my kids are not, nor have they ever been on any type of narcotic or illegal drug. The term 'crack' is used for humorous purposes only, to fully illustrate how my morning went. So put down the phone call to child services and sit back and enjoy this candid post.) I was woken up this morning, 30 minutes before my alarm clock, to the sound of my children laughing and playing in their room. ...more


She opens her eyes while it is still dark, knowing that morning is close and her time, if she wants it, is now. She eases from the bed slowly without waking her husband, who is still deep in the throws of slumber. Her feet hit the painted wood floor and the boards groan as they accept her weight. She creeps, gently as a she can, out of the room and down the steps....more

Today I Couldn't Do It

You spring from bed in the morning, awake, bright-eyed and ready to go. My eyelids feel like sandpaper. A glance between half-open eyes reveals the clock: 6:12 a.m. I roll over and wonder how long I can put you off, but I know it’s coming.“Let’s go downstairs!”...more