Immortal Mortality

In my 28 years, my father has suffered from diabetes, kidney stones, a broken femur (and subsequent metal rod replacement), a massive heart attack, a mini stroke (called a TIA), and lymphoma. Some of these could have killed him, but he always seemed to accept it, fight it, beat it, in one fell swoop....more

A bit on family reunions

Here is the thing about family, Tiny Human:There may appear to be too many people.There may be too much putzing and stalling while assembling for group activities.There may appear to be too much noise and too many conflicts.There may be too many attempts at winning your affection or attention....more

One More Time

On scales large, small and in between, I have had to re-invent myself any number of times throughout my life. As a four year old, I had to learn to live with a disability after an accident caused me to lose my right eye.  I had to adjust to my realigned peripheral vision, deal with curious, sometimes rude, people who questioned me about my bandages and then my prosthesis.  In general, I had to learn to become a normal-bu...more


I've reached the awkward and undeniably uncomfortable place in my maturity where I realize that I'm not invincible, a point where I'm drinking in every puffy cloud of adorability left in the wake of my young children, while simultaneously considering my (and others') mortality.I've been lucky so far in my life. I haven't lost many loved one. Most seem to be hanging on pretty well, impressively even. But I know, just as the sun will set this evening, the sun will also set on the people whom I love. And on me....more

Same Same, But Different

Almost exactly 10 years ago I had a cyst removed from my right ovary....more
I think all moms have thought about what would happen to their precious little one if something ...more

Pregnant Meaning Moments

This morning I was up particularly early as a carpenter was coming to see what he could do with the mess G. and I made on our home reno's in the basement.  (And no, this did not just involve me with a paint can and chop stick)....more

So Many Beats

I limped into physio on Thursday night to see a precipitous drop in cheerfulness on my zen-calm therapist's face.He is a ridiculously cheerful person.  He's one of those people you wind up best friends with at the bus stop because he couldn't stop himself from saying hello.  Not this time.  He nodded grimly and gestured me up onto the table.Was he upset because I was late?  I had called ahead to let them know I was at a birthday party dinner, running late but rushing to get there....more
I wasn't feeling all that brave watching the acupuncture needles go in, last night, but my ...more

Memento mori

My Dad’s heart is in his stamps. He’s been collecting since he was five years old. I remember boxes in our attic stacked three and four feet high – all filled with various types and amounts of postage. His main profession was teaching, but stamp dealing was his weekend gig, and seemed to bring him the most pleasure. He sold his miniature treasures in Moncton, Halifax and part of Maine, and people drove from miles around to claim them for their own collection....more

Oh my God oh my God oh my God

This is a morbid entry. I am shaken to my core over the news of what happened to 3 females in Connecticut in 2007.  A story I'd not heard 3 years ago but am hearing about a lot now that the suspects have been on trial and at least one has been found guilty of heinous, monstrous crimes against the innocent. I am a woman of God - I don't go to church anymore unless I'm visiting my parents and we've slept overnight on Saturday, making a Sunday morning mass possible.  I do believe that when my son gets older and won't have nap time in the middle of high mass, I may go ...more

What Does "Aging Gracefully" Mean Anyway?

I just came back from spending the weekend with a girlfriend in a nearby town.  (Yes, we still call ourselves "girlfriends" after more than three decades of adult friendship.) When we have a girls' weekend, we talk constantly, eat out, critique every movie, TV show, book and nutrition plan we've heard of, and inevitably, the subject turns to how it feels to be this age.  ...more