When The Mortgage Crisis Ate The American Pie

Almost eight years ago we started our journey to the American dream. We were married and the starter before an actual starter home. It was run down and tiny but we could fix it up and use it as an investment.  One slice of the American pie down, a few hundred more to go.  We were told that if we lived in the house for 3 years we might be able to sell it and walk away with a profit....more

The Mortgage Crisis & Credit: Let's Talk About Foreclosures

Every day I receive more and more emails from people who are quickly trying to respond to the financial chaos that continues to emerge from the mortgage crisis that has taken this nation by storm.  ...more

Foreclosure's Female Face

In January, I began a new job at a nonprofit organization that works to prevent foreclosures and preserve neighborhoods throughout New York City. Although I was not involved in the field back in August 2007, I read enough about it to realize that foreclosure was about to have a very female face. Not only that, but it was going to be a face that was likely to be ignored by the mainstream media. ...more
@addiestan but no substance whatsoever.more

Recession and Divorce: Living With Your Ex to Make Ends Meet

My ex and I stayed in the same house while we were divorcing far longer than we should have. It was torture, a scene waiting for a crime of passion, but I heard yesterday that more couples are choosing to either postpone divorce or to divorce but still live together. ...more
 @SuzyQu  Your first sentences sound just like what my husband said to me.  I can only figure ...more

Riding the Down Escalator Up

As a kid, I liked nothing better that rollercoasters. Disneyland couldn't even satisfy my thrill-seeking side. I was much more of a Six Flags girl. They built it, and I would come - the taller and faster the better. But my favorite had to be the old fashioned rollercoasters. ...more

Any time I even think about buying a house. Any time my partner mentions it. Any time I open ...more

McCain v. ACORN

Presidential candidate Sen. John McCain is running this Obama-ACORN ad. Here's what ACORN has to say about it: ACORN Response to Senator McCain's Smear Ad ...more

The Italian Job

There are a couple of financial scandals going on in America (just a couple?!) that have piqued my interest these days. I'm talking about American-born Angelo Mozilo, former head of the largest home lending Company, Countrywide Financial, and Italian Raffaello Follieri, better known as Anne Hathaway’s ex. ...more