A Mother's Fantasy

Do you ever fantasize about what your life could be?  I do.  In my fantasy, I wake up after a decent night's sleep of 8-9 hours.  Upon awakening, I am filled with energy to start my day, so I have no trouble immediately getting out of bed and starting my day with a nice, warm - uninterrupted - shower where I can leisurely take my time shampooing, conditioning, scrubbing, and shaving.  I then have plenty of time to not only dry my hair, but also style it and put on my makeup.  Then, the perfect outfit automatically pops out of my closet, and I don't have to squeeze, ...more

The Non-Latching Baby

How to Fix Nipple Confusion: Step One...more

The Basics of Human Survival: Take Care of YOU too!

This is #9 in the 10 Reasons why you may not be enjoying breastfeeding.You might not be enjoying breastfeeding or life for that matter if your body feels neglected and abused....more

10 Pitfalls to Breastfeeding Enjoyment

Sometimes you love breastfeeding. Sometimes you don’t. Sometimes a breastfeeding session starts off great and 15 minutes into it, you are filled with frustration and dread.I am not talking about the early days of breastfeeding here when there is an obvious reason why breastfeeding sucks (you know, like the fact that you haven’t slept longer than 20 minutes at a time in 14 days)....more

Travels With Mom

"Oh, I could never travel with my mother!" I've heard this from many people when I tell them about the trips my Mom and I took together.We traveled to Myrtle Beach.We traveled to Wisconsin.We traveled to Indianapolis.We traveled to Ireland.We traveled to Rio de Janeiro....more

Celebrating the Mother Figures in My Life

I was lucky to have many mother figures present in my life when I was little. Each of these phenomenal women helped to make me the mother I am today. ...more

Infertility: A Wish Unfulfilled

Nearly two years ago, I wrote a poem that expressed my feelings about the possibility of not ever becoming a mother. I like so many other women was diagnosed as pre menopausal in my mid thirties. Had I not made the decision to begin family planning, I may never had known. As young adults many of us women are taught how to respect our bodies....more


My four-year-old frustrates me. Her cries infuriate. Fill me with a hate that is welling up inside. I want to run and hide. It’s late at night, why won’t she sleep? Her cries torment and make me weep. Shut up! Shut up! I want to yell. I can’t get out of this personal hell. Every night it comes to this. I raise my voice she raises hers, I raise my hand she cowers down....more

the myth of the good mother

Originally posted on KalySullivan.com Seeing as this time of year is often referred to as awards season, let's acknowledge that there is not an award for Mother of the Year. We might hear the term thrown around on the playground when a child is eating Cheetos out of the sandbox or on Facebook when a child chooses to fully express themselves in the Target line, but the reality is, there is no such award. ...more

My Daughter, My Everything, My Best Friend

No one told me the moment I would find out the tiny person inside my womb was a girl, my best friend was soon-to-be born. No one told me she would light up my world, every day, for the rest of our lives. ...more
Especially as children grow, they need a parent, not another friend.more