Poll Nailish

It’s early September. Olivia would have been starting her senior year. For the first time since she was a small child, I’m not part of the back to school shopping rituals. Instead, I pass by the rows of school supplies and clothing that all calls to me—the fat pencils for small hands, the trendy clothes for teenage bodies, the bright bedding sets for dorm-bound freshmen. For an instant, I stop in front of a display of lunch boxes on sale. Finally, the perfect thermos for Olivia’s hot Chai to go… And then I remember. What am I doing?...more

Is there hope for mums yet?

In the 1980 I left Holland convinced Rotterdam was the most boring city in the world. It had its centre and culture destroyed in the war and new buildings erected, while the rest of Europe and Holland preserved their beautiful exciting old buildings.   ...more