2 weddings, one month... May 2015

2 weddings, one month... May 2015John 2:1On the third day a wedding took place at Cana in Galilee. Jesus’ mother was there......more

Mother of the Bride: What a Time to Love a Dress

 The wedding dress has been selected, and so has the mother of the bride dress! A poem, written by me, in honor of the shopping and the dresses and both of us:...more
@SunbonnetSmart.com Thanks, Robin. I had to dig for that picture, but I was pretty excited when ...more

Mother of the bride diary #4: Bride shows

As I find my spot on the sofa I hear “You can change the channel, I am not interested in this,” from husband, half asleep in his recliner. Suddenly wide awake he pleads, ”but please no more bride dress stuff.”...more
@GaelMc Oh-no!! I am not sure I should ask how you could have almost burned your home down in ...more

Mother of the Bride Diary #3


Mother of the bride:A diary

Whatever Happened to Just Throwing Rice?!

When she got married, people threw rice at the newly married couple as they left the reception. She didn't dwell on what rice symbolized at the time, but she knew its importance as part of tradition. These days, though, nothing is traditional. Every bride wants her wedding to be unique. As she helps to plan her daughter's wedding, she can't help but ask herself: has tradition been replaced by creativity or insanity? ...more
I have been to quite a few weddings and not once have I thrown rice or bird seed. I blew bubbles ...more

A TOTALLY Unplanned Wedding Adventure...

After that bike ride across town, I returned  home to get me a shower and head out for a day of looking for receptions sites.  Robby would be joining Caitlin, Tabitha (the maid of honor) and me for this little adventure.  But first I needed something to eat.  HEY!  After a 30 mile bike ride (and escaping death more than once...) I deserved a little comfort.  I announced that we would be eating Mexican that day.  And off we set for what was to be a relaxing first day of wedding planning. ...more

I enjoyed the honeymoon

I had a horrible time trying to write the after-wedding wrap up post, in case you hadn't noticed. I just wasn't feeling it, ya know? The honeymoon, well that's another story entirely. I totally enjoyed THAT. ...more

Your kids have grown up with the technology, they'll do it - or something like it.

Which ...more

The reluctant mother of the bride

Being a reluctant Mother of the Bride makes it incredibly difficult to write an actual blog post about my daughter's wedding. I've got a lot to say about the people who attended and various pieces of the weekend but about the actual wedding I'm not sure what to say. (Oh look, there's a squirrel running across our fence carrying a margarine container!) TW's no help either. Her suggestions were "We went and now we're home" (true but this isn't Chatter, 140 characters won't cut it) or "The pork was good, the family wasn't" (which is inaccurate.) ...more

My daughter wil be getting maried  in 2010.  We started making plans for her ...more

Last minute wedding jitters?

Four more days until my 25 year old daughter gets married (again.) Aye yi yi. Four more days. How did that happen? ...more

Thank you Denise for you interesting story.

Not getting married, may just have to be ...more