A Valentine's Gift that Melts your Heart

Valentine’s Day is a bitter sweet holiday.  For those with a romantic relationship, it's a good time to remind our partner how much they mean to us and when it is reciprocated, it is a magical day. For those without a special someone, it can be an annoying hindrance as friends and co-workers squeal with delight about receiving flowers and the restaurants get too busy to offer the usual menu items we like....more

What a Mother teachers her daughter

I've always said that I don't want to be my daughter's friend. She's in college now, and nothing's changed. - We're never EVER gonna be club pals. Hellllllll nawwwwwwwwwww!- She's not gonna be able to be around me cussing up a storm. - We won't get matching tattoos.- Yes and No Ma'am will never become an outdated way of replying to my questions.- I'm not going to hit her up for money when I blow through mine, or expect her to cover me on my bills.- We will not date out of the same pool of guys....more

I am Afraid of My Twelve-Year-Old Daughter


6th Grade Homework = Migraine + Connection

As I sit here writing this, I have a splitting headache that has so far not responded to twice the recommended dose of Advil and I am sporting a grin a mile wide. Yes, you read that right. ...more

Surviving a Volcano of Hate with Mother-Love

The most hateful hate I have ever known erupts like lava from the volcano that is Eve. Accelerated by the steam of fear and frustration inside this eleven-year-old body it destroys all in its path indiscriminately. It is not about chores or homework or curfew, although that is the story. As her mother, I want to know what lies at the core, what is driving this fear and sadness. ...more
You describe it so well. I remember that anger, I had it for so long. It would bubble under the ...more