When a Son Gets Married

I have always known I was blessed in the privilege of our children - not just that they exist but in who they are and how they live. And now, our second son -- our baby, has announced that he's engaged. We are crazy about his fiance and thrilled with their decision; there's no "but..." or "except for." What there is, though, is something more complicated. ...more
I don't normally write in blogs of strangers but I feel compelled. My son, the middle child(20), ...more

She Just Got Married, Part V - Designer Shoes Blues

She was having a spring wedding which, if it had been up to me, would mean flip flops and tank tops. But, I was Mother of the Bride. I did, however have to convince my daughter that flip flops were probably not the best choice for her to wear under her beautiful, custom designed wedding dress as she walked down the aisle. ...more

If I had to do my own all over again it would be flip flops and Bar-b-que!! It's all about ...more

Brides are Demanding Made-to-Order

Sunday, October 5, 2008 ...more