2 Weddings... One month – what happened to Christmas?

2 Weddings... One month – what happened to Christmas?Psalm 39:5 (NIV)5 You have made my days a mere handbreadth;     the span of my years is as nothing before you. Everyone is but a breath,     even those who seem secure....more

The Queen

The     Queen.   I live in a small village.   When I was little, I wished and wished that I could be a princess.  I wished on every star, I threw pennies in wells.  I even resorted to holding my feet up when we crossed a bridge in our wagon.  I just knew if I was a princess that my life would be perfect.  Perfectly magical.     But some times what you wish for and get, isn’t always what you really want....more

MOMIL (Mean Ol' Mother In Law)

In-laws.  This word can strike terror into the hearts and minds of loving couples everywhere. It’s the one thing most people dread when they get married.  Lots of questions raised about in-laws: Will I like them? Will they like me?  Will they put pressure on the marriage or will they know when to butt out? ...more

My mother in law hates me

I can cope in other areas of my life. Everything that has happened to me, including the death of my father and also being made redundant last year, I have managed to get over it and get on with my life. But with her, constantly there trying to drive a wedge through our marriage and split us up it’s making me ill.My mother in law hates me. I am sure of this....more

Judgment Day!

dear readers,I know I have not been in touch lately, my apologies. I will be out of town for a little while for work. It is not the packing that I have been so busy doing, it is trying my hardest to clean up (where necessary) after hours, so that when my MIL comes to take care of my daughter, my house appears less of a mess. Hence Judgment Day from the house inspector is less punishing.Read full story on www.LemonsAndSunnydays.commi...more

Remembering Joan Purvis

I first met my mother-in-law on paper.I was in a hospital in Colorado having just broken my back. She and Dean's father, Ed, sent me a care package. I remember there was a teddy bear and a lovely card, written in her hand. I don't remember now what it said except that she closed by saying, "We love you."...more

Help! My Mother-in-Law Is Psycho!

My mother-in-law is a psycho. She wants to spend time with my kids, but she uses the time at our house to tear through their closets and throw away baby clothes that I have saved while also telling my kids what a bad housekeeper I am. My house is pretty clean, but she points out any little thing I've missed. The kids are usually miserable around her and tell me everything she's said about me. Is there a way to cut her out of our lives without moving to another state?...more


PHONE CALL FROM ME TO A FRIEND: Blog Directory  ...more

Mother in Law's Annoying Drop-Ins

How does your Mother in law always manage to drop in when your house is a complete mess and you look like a Survivor reject?...more

Because I Said So

Routine changes, as I've said, are hard to deal with both for the toddlers and the adults involved.  Even the slightest change can cause a ripple effect that will last for weeks.When my mother in law visited us, not much changed.  We went out to eat a bit more.  The babies had more attention.  There was an extra person with us.  That's about it.  They still napped at the same time, ate at the same time, went to bed at the same time.  They were still allowed the same things, and not allowed other things.Still, as they learn that not all thin...more