Ways I Am Thankful For My Mother-In-Law

After reading this post, I remembered thinking around Thanksgiving in what ways I’m thankful for my mother-in-law. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes she is scary. I think she is like my mother in that, most of the time she lets us do what we want but there is a line you really don’t want to cross. If you cross that line, you better be ready for a thunder and lightening to strike you. ...more

I'm Raising My Son to Leave Me

It is Sunday morning and I am the first person awake. I curl up on the couch with a good book under a blanket and read while the sun comes up through the windows. The house is quiet for about an hour until I hear the stomps of five-year-old feet down the stairs. My son comes over to the couch, gives me a big hug and snuggles under the blanket with me. "I will be your little boy forever," he says to me. ...more
You sound like a very wise woman.  I think letting children go is difficult even when we plan on ...more

Mothers-In-Law Are Not Romantic

Dear future daughters-in-law,You will one day think of me only as “mother-in-law” or “his mother”, but I can still remember being 18: the world was full of possibilities, love was all consuming, and marriage was the end of a fairytale. I thought I had it all figured out, but I’d forgotten one very important factor: the mother-in-law....more

My In-Law and My Ink

I expected a total freak out. I really did. So I tried to work it into a phone conversation as naturally as I could."Say Mom, did Dan tell you I got a tattoo?"Instead of the expected shriek, I got a fairly calm query.(1) "Where?"(2)If I were being a smart ass I would have said "At Monkey Bones Tattoos." But I took the sensible route for a change and said, "On the inside of my left wrist."Then she asked, "What did you get?"...more

Are You Near The Internet?

Today my wonderful Mother-in-Law called me very early.  This is not unusual, she calls me everyday early on her way to work. We have a really good relationship 98 percent of the time.  After 24 years we know each other pretty well and we have become food friends.She is however clueless to technology. I have tried to teach her the basics such as email or texting but I am am failure.  I believe honestly that I have set unrealistic expectations.  I have started writing down some of our daily conversations that start with "Are you near the internet?"  ...more


There’s a really good reason why I'm not friends with my bf's family on Facebook and it’s because I post stuff like this: ‘Oh goody the mother-in-law is coming to visit – have I got time to have facial re-constructive surgery and leave the country??’Ok, so she’s not legally my mother-in-law but as my boyfriend’s mum it’s the same thing - over familiarity with a self-entitlement to interfere. I’m going to be calling her ‘Mil’ in this post....more

Kicking back

with Jim’s Mom and my sister-in-law Kathy, who came down to spend some time with us. We just got back from Mass, and the three of them are looking at an album of Jim’s baby pictures. It’s incredible to hear a 95-year-old perspective looking back at her little son, circa 60 years ago.I constantly remind Jim about how lucky they are to still have Mom around, as I miss mine every day.She is still kicking, in a manner of speaking,and comes up with some sharp sayings that betray her 95 years....more

Back story behind "mother-in-love"...

Dear Pine Needles and Paper Trails,...more

Hurricane Jane

The first time she came to live with me she was heartbroken. She showed up at my doorstep on a Saturday afternoon after a long week and a long ride, with everything she owned in this world stuffed in a plastic grocery bag. Just days earlier, Hurricane Katrina had made its way pretty much right up her street in Waveland, Mississippi. When it left, it washed out to sea the entire town, including my in-laws' house and virtually everything they owned. ...more