Kicking back

with Jim’s Mom and my sister-in-law Kathy, who came down to spend some time with us. We just got back from Mass, and the three of them are looking at an album of Jim’s baby pictures. It’s incredible to hear a 95-year-old perspective looking back at her little son, circa 60 years ago.I constantly remind Jim about how lucky they are to still have Mom around, as I miss mine every day.She is still kicking, in a manner of speaking,and comes up with some sharp sayings that betray her 95 years....more

Back story behind "mother-in-love"...

Dear Pine Needles and Paper Trails,...more

Hurricane Jane

The first time she came to live with me she was heartbroken. She showed up at my doorstep on a Saturday afternoon after a long week and a long ride, with everything she owned in this world stuffed in a plastic grocery bag. Just days earlier, Hurricane Katrina had made its way pretty much right up her street in Waveland, Mississippi. When it left, it washed out to sea the entire town, including my in-laws' house and virtually everything they owned. ...more

Saying Goodbye to My Mother-in-Law

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Keeper of Corpses

I've been working on a post about reality, but it will be waiting in the wings as I deal with an actual, nefarious, and unavoidable reality....more
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Gangsta Clean

In my house, there are 3 levels of clean. Level 1: Half-assed clean.  This is the level of clean that is achieved on a daily basis.  It’s not that I don’t love having a spotless house, because I do.  But during the weekdays between the hours of 9-5, I’m OBLIGATED to be on the couch at my office desk blogging shopping online working and just don’t have time to clean....more


Love the photos. Love the gangsta clean.


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Life at the HOUSE of JOES - or - When it Comes to In-laws, Sometimes Divorce is the Only Way Out - 3

My ex-husband’s sister, Lamilla (aka “Lambchop”) is three years older than Joey. When she graduated from high school she decided to go to a college where she would be living in a dorm – a 2-hour drive from home. Big Joe, Derba and Joey drove her up to the school, where they helped her unpack and set up her room. Her roommate arrived and settled in, and the family bade their farewells and drove away. Around 11:00 that evening Lamilla phoned her parents in tears. “Please come pick me up....more

Life at the HOUSE of JOES - or - When it Comes to In-laws, Sometimes Divorce is the Only Way Out - 2

When my ex-husband’s mother Derba was born, she was meant to be called “Debra,” however, due to a clerical error by the registrar, the birth certificate read “Derba.” Her parents never disputed the typo and chose instead to stick with Derba. It was a story she told often....more

Raw Foods Diet, challenge Accepted!

I was at the Nordstrom Bridal show with my mom and future mother-in-law, listening to them talk amongst themselves about all the fabulous ideas and plans they have for my wedding.  "This isn't so bad," I thought.  It was the s...more