The Power of Hips - Tribute 2

Heels tap across the floor.  Bracelets jingle around an arm.  A scarf folds and flutters off a neck.  Hips sway down the aisle.  The men's eyes herald the woman's arrival and follow as she walks toward the front pews, the corners of their mouths turning slightly to stifle grins.  The women claim not to notice through narrowed eyes.  And a little girl, the daughter, learns the power of hips.   (Thank you, Mom.) ...more

What a great poem and reading by Lucille Clifton.  My sister had her hips replaced three ...more

I Wish I Could Sew Like My Mother - Tribute 1

Sewing, being stylish, and decorating were/are the arenas in which my mother showed her creativity...strutted her stuff!  When I was growing up, my mother sewed all of my, my sister's, and her clothes.  She also made suits for my brother until he went to middle school. ...more