An obvious glitch...

…because when I got out the front door this morning, I wasn’t immediately sweating. Ah,Mother Nature-you are so cruel. Teasing me with temporary low humidity and comfortable temperatures.I know you are two-faced,though, and will swipe the temperatures up in a blink of an eye. In the meanwhile, this might even call for going outside today and getting some chores done and sneaking in a little walking.Might as well get it in before the next string of 90+ degrees sneaks back in. Happy Wednesday!   ...more

Murmuration. One of Mother Nature's Miracles

Murmuration:  A flock of starlings This video was filmed by two young British ladies, Sophie Windsor Clive and Liberty Smith (cool names, huh?) who were paddling across the River Shannon in Ireland.  Thankfully, they had their video camera at the ready when this happened... The Starlings flock like this for a few reasons, one is for warmth, the other - to protect themselves from predators who become confused as the birds form t...more thanks Robin. I think it's just amazing, too. :)more

Dear Mother Nature

I live in Austin, Texas. As far as weather disasters's not a bad place to live. We get the occasional flash flood, rare tornado, and once in a great while a hurricane actually makes it this far. But this year, we are in the most extreme drought in over 100 years. My yard has cavernous cracks in it. And we are still so much more fortunate than the rest of the country. The South has had tornadoes, floods, and one line of storms after the other. The Midwest is being devastated by the same. Hawaii has had eruptions, earthquakes, tsunamis, etc.....more

"The Times They Are A-Changin'..."

As the weather gets warmer and the daylight hours lengthen, it seems the grandkids’ circadian rhythms have begun to exhibit signs of unpredictability. But of course we have become more unpredictable as well – the renewal of nature and along with it, the promise of good things to come, give us a natural high –  so we take unplanned walks in the park, trips to the beach, and excursions into our own backyards to witness up close and personal the beauty that immediately surrounds us....more

A True Love Affair...

TRUE NATURE = HUMAN NATURE + MOTHER NATUREA simple conclusive relationship one would think. But is it? In most cases it is deeply misunderstood.Why?To understand Mother Nature, we must first understand our own Human Nature.  And do we?...more

A Lesson from Mother Nature

I learned a valuable lesson from Mother Nature this weekend. She may have brought me snow! But she couldn't take away my fun! It's all about compromise and going with the flow!

Camping-Fountainbleau State Park--The Kind Nature Intended!

We are all set and ready to go!...more

Camping Organization101...Keeping It Straight!

Camping? Organization is a must! Camping is so fun and exciting! You must stay organized! 1.Shopping List:...more