My Surrogate Mother

This is the first time I’ve ever referred to my surrogate as my boys’ surrogate mother.  I’ve always hesitated before when thinking about her as a mother in connection with her pregnancy to carry my twin boys.  But, the more I think about it, the more I’m convinced that her proper title should be surrogate mother or surromom, as is commonly referred to within the surrogate community....more

How do you define Happiness?

Happiness can be elusive and many people struggle with happiness.  As we move through the different stages in our life we have the opportunity to redefine our personal definition of happiness.  How do you define happiness?  Is happiness a form of contentment, safety or joy?  Or is it more complicated and a combination of many things?  I find that I am defining happiness differently as I walk through my life....more

Because Sometimes Motherhood Is Not Enough

Every once in a while I take a moment to reflect on the kind of mother I am and the kind of mother I want to be. When my daughter was born I was fully committed to being the best Stay-At-Home-Mom I could be. Being a mother was my full time job. I put all of my enegry into it. I wrote many blog posts about choosing my family first and how I felt kind of envious of my friends with jobs, but I had chosen this path and I was sticking to it....more

Sometime Mommies Cry

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Why Isn't Mommy In Any Picture? (A Letter To My Husband)

Original Post: dearest husband,Do you notice how I am conspicuously missing from the montage of beautiful photos above? The reason that I am missing is of course that I am always the one behind the camera....more

Thoughtfulness Thursday: Mother's Day

Thoughtfulness Thursday: Mother's Day I know that Mother's Day is a celebration for us that are mothers, but it can also be day of great sadness for many women that cannot become mothers....more

This Mother's Fears

This Mother’s Fears Elizabeth Stone had it right when she said, “Making the decision to have a child is momentous....more

The Best Mom Ever!


Thoughtfulness Thursday: "Mommy, Somebody Needs You"

Thoughtfulness Thursdays: "Mommy, Somebody Needs You" If you haven't read this post by now, you should: