Release Your Inner Mompreneur

According to Wikipedia "an entrepreneur is a person who has possession of an enterprise or venture, and assumes significant accountability for the inherent risks and the outcome. It is an ambitious leader who combines land, labor, and capital to create and market new goods or services." Sounds serious we know. ...more

The Tale of the Dung Beetle by Pamela Victor

  The Tale of the Dung Beetle By Pamela Victor ...more

5 Years & A Handful of Hours - Krispy Kreme Wedding Cake

Today my husband and I are celebrating our 5 year anniversary. In dog years, that’s 35 years and in Hollywood, that’s like 50 years! ...more

Dandelion Gifts: Keeping Short-Stemmed Flowers

Reposted from ...more

Budda Baby. Angel Child. ...more

Wow! What a beautiful, insightful piece Laura! It has so many different kinds of emotions, ...more

Iced Tea, anyone?

Do you remember a while back when that email was circulating with the joke on it about how a man's bedtime routine differs from a woman's? He says he's going to bed, he brushes his teeth, gets into his PJ's, turns out the light and he's out. She says she's going to bed and then finds 100 things that still need doing before she turns in. Such is my life. All he asked for was a glass of iced tea. That's all. A two minute task at best, right?! ...more

My Daughter : )

After my daughter finished her classes yesterday she came over to me :). I really enjoy these visits from her. Even though we do keep in contact several time a day it is nice to have her here with me in my home as well :) . ...more

Wacky Wednesday

My mother is the one to originally had me calling Wednesday this. You see, in the past if anything out of the ordinary happened to me, it usually happened on a Wednesday! So instead of my mother putting the blame on me she'd just say, "You know it is Wacky Wednesday!" And after she would say that, we would chuckle half heartily about what was going on. ...more

Well your mom is very right about that.  It's so great how we are able to hold onto memories ...more

Letter to My Mother, Now That I Am Grateful

When I was a baby, you said that my father wouldn't let you bathe me because he felt you weren't strong enough to hold me.  But what he didn't realize was that you are the strongest woman I know. ...more

What a beautifully written letter to your mom.more

Mother's Day Reflections from A Lucky Cardiologist

By Dr. Holly Andersen ...more