Letter to My Mother, Now That I Am Grateful

When I was a baby, you said that my father wouldn't let you bathe me because he felt you weren't strong enough to hold me.  But what he didn't realize was that you are the strongest woman I know. ...more

What a beautifully written letter to your mom.more

Mother's Day Reflections from A Lucky Cardiologist

By Dr. Holly Andersen ...more

Making the case for girlfriends (If I could talk to my mother today)

I would have girlfriends today if for no other reason than that my mother didn’t, and I viewed her life as lacking in that one very important way. Of course I think of my own mother this time of year, and I remember sadly the way she died.  ALS is a scary ending.  She was already widowed by then and was lost without him.  Those years before she left us are difficult in memory even after more than a decade.  During that long time of being bedridden, no girlfriends came to visit. ...more

Aging Parents and the Choice of Assisted Living

My Mother decided to go into an assisted living facility. She picked the one she liked and 6 weeks later she made the move. We are all thrilled. This facility is like a docked cruise ship.  It is elegant, friendly, great food, lots of activities, and excursions. The average age at this center is 83. My Mother loves it and my sister and I are so relieved to have her some place safe, with-out stairs, and with as much interaction as she desires. ...more

Happy 7th Birthday!

Today is my son’s 7th birthday. ...more

Girls & their Nails!

Girls & Nails: 5 Ways to Teach Your Daughter Proper Nail Care I've worn acrylic nails for almost 15 years. Why? Because when I was a little girl, I brutalized my own nails. I would suck, bite, knaw and chomp on them as if they were covered in Lemonhead juice. (You would have to know how much I loved Lemonheads to know the significance of that!) In other words, I never let my nails grow to be strong and ...more

Mother of the Bride

  I love my Mommy.  Yes, I do Mommo xxXX ooXX ...more

Does Money Buy Happiness

The age old question does money indeed buy happiness? Over the last few days I have encountered a few grumpy cantankerous old men right here in Franklin and I am wondering if this rudeness is turning into a trend. Yes, Franklin, MA, my lovely town, the town voted one of the best 10 town's in the USA to live by Family Circle magazine. The town that we moved to 4 years ago to escape the rude miserable people who live in Boston. If you live in Boston, I don't mean you, it's the other people. In my friendly little town I have recently been dumb struck by rude ...more