I love my kid

Last night I was helping my daughter with a school project (she had to turn a report into a web page), and while I was hard at working coding, she emailed me this poem: ...more

Those Were the Days

Last night I heard some old school jams playing from my brother's room, so Lily and I moseyed on over. When my brother and I were younger, we used to love sitting in the car or hanging out in one of our rooms listening to music and singing along. Oh man, some of the songs we listened to last night had me flashing back like a mo fo. We had fun singing along, trying to remember the lyrics correctly. Then my brother played Always and Forever, and suddenly, unexpectedly, I wanted to burst into tears. ...more

Dealing with Overly Demanding Mothers

Many mothers tell me, including my own, that I have no idea what I'm talking about because I have no children of my own. I am not married, and I have no idea who it feels to be a married-woman-with-children. ...more

Helping seniors to managing medications, why elderly have hard time with prescriptions, understanding, taking and managing

If you have an elderly loved one in your life, you may struggle with how to manage their medications so they can take them properly, when they are suppose to and the right dosages. ...more

32 Things found in the dreaded minivan

When I graduated from law school several years ago, I can honestly say that I never pictured myself driving a minivan.  I thought that after becoming a lawyer, I’d drive a Volvo or maybe an Audi.  Never a minivan.  Not ever.  However, when my husband and I started our family, I didn’t care much about style.  I needed room…and lots of it.  First, I had a station wagon.  That wasn’t so bad.  When the third baby came along, I knew that I needed the dreaded minivan.  It was a surprise that I, like so many people before me, came to love the van.  It was ...more

These are a few of my favorite things...

My mum rang yesterday to give me one of her rare insights into Christmas, family, and all things wise. It was a short conversation.My mother is an absolute nutcase. Seriously. All 5'1" of her. At 5'9" I tower over her and since the age of around ten have actually had trouble seeing her as my mother; it feels more like the other way around. She's small and sweet and everyone loves her. She's also a mini-hurricane when she wants to be and she doesn't fool me with all that sweet and small stuff... ...more


Are you always in first person in your dreams? I am. I don't see myself; I am the actor and I see the events as they are happening to me. This morning after an unpleasant dream, not a nightmare, just strangely, weirdly, somewhat uncomfortable story, which kept me awake in its recalling, I must have dozed off again and I had perhaps the most wonderful dream ever:  I saw my mother. ...more

"Eating green beans will not turn you green" and other things I've said this week...

“Hey!  Don’t you know that juice boxes are for drinking…not for hurling at your brother?!”  This is what came flying out of my mouth as I treated Will’s black eye with an ice pack last Sunday.  Jack and Will were “play fighting” and things quickly got out of hand.  With boys, it’s like they start out playing nice, then the testosterone kicks in and suddenly they’re in a frenzy.   Anyway, I realized after the incident that I have said the most ridiculous things within the past week to my sons.  Here is a sample of some of the things that have ...more

Put on some lipstick...it'll make you feel better

“Go put on some lipstick…it’ll make you feel better.”  This little piece of sage advice is the one thing that my mother has offered me when I’ve called her sharing some great tragedy (fought with friend, break up with boyfriend, fiance calls off wedding, fired from job, get sick).  I know how it sounds when I’ve told people that this is what my mother has offered me to pull me through situations.  However, as I look back …it’s really not bad as far as advice goes. ...more

Hi there,

Really enjoyed your blog. I am a lipstick fiend! I would like to get your ...more

I Was A Teenage Feminist

As a girl growing up in the fifties, when someone asked you, "What do you want to be when you grow up?", there were really only three choices. You could be a teacher, mother, or nurse. I of course had no desire to be any of those. My three choices were, artist, race car driver or movie star. I really believed my parents were somewhat worried about me. ...more

When I went to college in 1978 women understood that they had to be bitches to succeed--and ...more