Every Woman Has A Mama-Heart

A few years ago it occured to me that in my thirty-ahem-something years, I have been positively influenced by many women, but I have also had the joy to be able to encourage and mentor others as well. I believe that women were designed by God for close relationships…not just with their spouses and biological or adopted children, but with all kinds of other people. As women, we problem-solve through communication, find comfort and are encouraged by community and we are wired for emotional attachment, nurturing and taking care of others....more

Day 14: I Am a Conundrum

Not everyone is called to have a large family but not everyone is called to be a career woman or single or a working mother. For some reason my lifestyle pushes people’s buttons; perhaps they think that I am a self-righteous fanatic or that I am condemning certain lifestyle’s or choices but this is simply not true. I stumbled and fumbled my way to discover that for me, mothering was my vocation....more

Remembering My Mother

Remembering My Mother Do you believe in angels? I do!...more

My mother was right, of course...

This morning, my 17-year-old son was up before 7, despite having filmed the varsity football semi final and arriving home late the night before. (Woohoo! The Cougars are heading for the state final next week!) Before I saw him, however, I saw the empty packets of Emergen-C and the kitchen shears strewn on the kitchen counter and knew something was up. Sure enough, this boy is sick.Headache, fever, and "the worst sore throat ever" are plaguing him. (This from a boy who had his tonsils removed at age 5. It must be bad.)...more

Katy Perry (and I) took a Stairway to Heaven

KATY PERRY (AND I) TOOK A STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN Last week was lovely.Our kids came for Thanksgiving....more

My mother died of AIDS – She deserves more than stigma

Today is World AIDS Day. On March 11th of this year, my mother died of AIDS-related encephalopathy. My mother was an activist, a southern belle trapped in the north, a grandmother, and a recovering addict. In her life she survived multiple rapes and attacks on her humanity. She overcame drug addiction and homelessness. She turned her “tragedy to triumph” (yes Kanye) when she became a national advocate for ending homelessness in the HIV/AIDS community. She served on the first five years of the historic Massachusetts Ryan White Planning Council.  She lived with HIV for 16 years....more
ladylex02139 - no, I appreciate it. It's a lesson in strength. Thank you for that.more

Putting Myself Out There

I cannot be the only one...who sometimes gets lost in her daily routines, so lost that when the frenzy finally calms down for the day, and she thinks about the world outside of her harmonious home life, she isn't really sure where she fits in anymore. I dream big about the ways I am going to put myself out there for the world, let my talents shine, but then something happens....more

“My God! How Did She Get Herself Into That Mess?”

I am conundrum. A rather outmoded sort of woman, ridiculed by modern career women, vilified by the earth’s prophets of doom and sanctified by the religious right. I was the least likely candidate to have a lot of children.I mean, I had never even held a baby before my first born.You would think having nine children would have turned me into a frazzled wreck with a figure like the Pillsbury Dough Boy and a brain gone to mush, but I remain quite articulate, with a quirky sense of humour, standing at 5’1” and weighing in at 106 lbs....more

At a loss for words...

When my mother was first diagnosed with dementia, she had word-finding and organizational issues; now she has people-placing and event-remembering ones.I spent a mere 20 minutes Sunday talking to my mother before she was called, early, to dinner at the memory-care facility where she lives. The first ten minutes of conversation were so muddied, I literally grabbed a pad of paper and a pen and started jotting notes, trying to piece together what my 81-year-old mother was saying....more

Praising a woman of excellence...

As my siblings and I rifled through my mother's belongings this weekend, distributing what held value to each one of us, I searched for something I had made myself. Two books. One titled Focus on the Father; the other titled Praising a Woman of Excellence. Each was a tribute to my parents I created on behalf of their children and grandchildren, who contributed something, a writing, a picture, a hand print. Back in 1999, back when I had more time to be creative, I had made books with my own children and those in our home-school support group....more