The Legacy

As far as legacies go, my tastes lie with something simple, like a check. Or stock. Or heirloom china. Unfortunately Mama wasn’t the heirloom china type. What I got when she departed for the peaceful place where mothers don’t have to cook, clean, or say, “If I told you once, I told you a million times,” was not the inheritance I assumed was my birthright. What she left me was the very thing I was the least qualified to handle. Wisdom....more

The Flying Purple Eater Rides Again

The  very public, very messy moment I realized the truth about my mother's battle with cancer....more

Why Was I Born Here?

When I was young it seems I often asked my mother, “Why was I born here, in this house, as your son and not somewhere else?”Apparently in a Tamil movie I saw, a child badgers his mother with this question and I repeated his act.Also I had two brothers who were much older to me. I was frequently bullied by them and always treated as a tiny-tot. I often wished I were an only child....more

I am the Perfect Mom

It's almost our day. The day when our beloved children bestow us with extra special sloppy kisses and tell us all what perfect mothers we are.I already know that. I am a perfect mom. Allow me to spell it out for you:...more

My NEW Entry for Mother of the Year

The boys popped up with fevers last night.  Of course…puny, fevers, whining.We get an appointment this morning — BETTER NOT BE FLU…BETTTTTTEERRRRR NOT.So we go….they just have viral funk, thank god…has to run it’s course.BUT….during Owen’s exam (my 6 year old Ginger):...more

Putting My Life On Hold

              It was a sunny March morning.  I stood beside the hospital bed where my mother lay complaining. “You’re very lucky, you know,” I said.            “You call this lucky?” She said.  Breaking a hip is no fun!  Try it sometime and see how you like it!”...more

We Live We Love

We live, we love, we forgive and never give upCuz the days we are given are gifts from aboveAnd today we remember to live and to love                                     ~From We Live by SuperChick...more

Notes From My Mother

This week (November 15) I did a post on my ASwirlGirl blog ( commemorating my parent's 56th wedding anniversary. Evidently one of my cousins ratted me out, because last night my Mother left this note taped to my bathroom mirror. Ouch. ...more

Days of Love and Cancer

July 7, 2006 Is it better to tap into memories of your mother when you’re sad, or serene? I don’t remember the details of my mother’s last 22 days the way I wish I could. The way I feel I should in order to fully memorialize her. Part of me feels like a bad daughter – perhaps there when she needed me but not fully present enough to remember the conversations, activities, or emotions that would have compelled me to ask the important life questions of those you love. When they needed to be asked. When time was running out. But was time really running out? I had no idea. ...more


I love writing my blog.  I love seeing my words on the screen, and knowing I put them there.  I get a head rush every time I hit the PUBLISH button, and don't ask the excitement that ensues over here if I get a comment posted;  it's almost as thrilling as when I was chosen to be a safety patrol in sixth grade.  (Okay, I wasn't chosen, I begged to be part of the force, and then pretended I was Julie from the Mod Squad.) ...more