For Whom the Bell Curves

"Hold still!" I said to my son as I snapped a photo of him coming down the front steps. I take one every year on the first day of school. And the last. Capture his size, hairstyle, and current fashion taste forever. I have pictures of all three kids on every one of their first and last days of school. If only I scrapbooked....more
Howdy Isabel:) It's wonderful to meet you too! Thank you so much for your kind words. I will ...more

Full Time Mother

By the time I was twenty-eight years old, I already had five kids. I got married right after high school g...more

Remembering a Mom

My sister-in-law died two years ago today.  I honor her memory by posting the poem I wrote for her children: A Mother’s Love… A mother’s love will never die,Her job is never through.A mother never shuts Both eyes,She’s always seeing you. On earth perfection that she sought;Seemed never to achieve....more

My Life As a Butterfly

Thought I should write a little about why I named my blog "My Life as a Butterfly." This blog will be about my journey in life. It is a written expression of who I am and who I am is a butterfly. The butterfly is my totem animal....more
Welcome! I hope you find the freedom to take flight and share your thoughts with BlogHer ...more

The Woman in Red--Part II

At the well, Eunice clutched Ada’s forearm. Leaned in. “You shouldn’t give that woman provisions.”            Ada turned slowly. Lifted the old woman’s hand. Let it fall.            “What woman do you speak of?”             The older woman huffed. “The woman with the issue, of course. She fancied your Dan at one time....more


During the first half of my fifties, I visited my parents in Florida a few times a year for a few days at a time.  Then a friend, whose parents had died when she was in her early twenties, convinced me I should visit my folks every month. So I flew  from D.C. to Florida and stayed with my mom and dad one night each month....more

One of My Kids

My "One and Only" and I stopped for pizza with No. 2 son. Babygirl would have been there too but she opted for an afternoon with her grandmother. We returned from the buffet bar, plates piled with cheesy goodness. My son bowed his head and led us in prayer to bless the food before us. As I munched happily on buffalo chicken pizza, a lady walked past and I realized I recognized her. She had a freshly scrubbed, nicely dressed young man of about 11 years old in tow. I realized immediately who he was. He was one of my kids....more


I've been quiet lately. There's a dim tremble beneath my skin, inside my veins that's telling me I'm unsettled. Something isn't right. I've been rattled off my path again. Focus is the only answer. I've known myself for a life time now and I'm not a simple person. I'm complicated and that complicates the way I interact with my surroundings but I know who I am and I am not a quiet person. When I'm quiet something is wrong. Something is wrong now. A lot of things are happening at once and my life is changing in big ways. My sister is leaving CT....more

Will it be Door #1, #2 or Door #3? Whichever one you choose, choose wisely.

Life is about choices. Yes there are some obstacles that will be thrown your way and some test that will come, but it is all about which way you will go when you meet the fork in the road....more

Regret is still beautiful...

I looked into the eyes of regret at a very young age.  Regret rested in the eyes of my mother.  She held all the moments of her life that she wished she could have, in half a second, returned to and done something completely different about it.  At that very young age I would learn of my mother's one enormous regret.  I remember asking her why she was always so sad. 'Mommy, why are you crying?'  A 5 year old me would ask her....more
Thank you. Writing about it is what allows me to process most of the confusion of it all. Yes, ...more