My Son And Me

My son has a job as a lifeguard this summer, and today I drive him to work. Though he now has his driver’s license, he does not yet have his own car and so for the time being, we must share mine and he is being a good sport about it. I drive slowly; neither of us has an agenda and there are no external distractions. We are simply mother and son, each fully present, as we so often were when he was young; before I became preoccupied with the passing of time and midlife reinvention, and before he became preoccupied with the demands of growing up and teenage activities....more
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Taking Away Mom's Keys: How Old Is Too Old to Drive?

For the interrogation, a lady with a clipboard asked politely if I would "step away" from the window so she could interrogate my mother about what happened when she drove her car into the wall of the carpet store. When she mistook the gas for the brake pedal. I sat on a bench -- just within earshot of my mother referring repeatedly to the brake as the "clutch." What she learned to drive on what, a good, 75 years ago? I wanted to pinch her. I could swear, above all the raucous of sorry waiting souls in this enormous DMV room, I could actually hear the mad scribbling of Clipboard Lady. "So you weren't driving a standard then." "What standard? I was driving my car." ...more
I had to take away my mother's keys when I discovered she had had her next door neighbor jump ...more

You Are a Mother.

Today, we celebrate Mothers.It doesn’t matter whether you work full time, stay home, work from home, foster, or are an empty nester.It doesn’t matter if you have one child or twenty.It doesn’t matter if you are infertile and will never have a child....more

Happy Mother's Day

To my sweet Momma...I miss her every single day. ...more


the Evolution of a Mother through my kids eyes

It goes something like this.... When your children are- 0-6yrs old = "My mommy is the prettiest and smartest person in the World! 7-11yrs old = "My mom knows a LOT... but my friends know a lot too." 12-15yrs old = "My mom doesn't know nearly as much as my friends do!" 16-18yrs old = "My mom is so stupid! I really don't understand how she hasn't forgotten to breathe and dropped dead yet!"...more

Becoming a 'Screw You' Mom

I'm on the internet this morning, researching for what I thought was going to be my next blog post, and I got up to make a cup of coffee. There on the counter is The Ginger's lunch. Yeah, the kids left for school an hour ago. What am I doing about it? Nothing.  I put it back in the fridge, and continued making my cup of coffee. I have the day off from work, and nothing planned except dying my hair, laundry and reading more of the book I was sent to review. ...more
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The Alcoholic Mother - a family nightmare

Children who grow up with emotionally abusive alcoholic parents suffer life long consequences. Ideally, you should feel nurtured, safe, and happy in your home. When your parents consistently meet your needs, you feel valued and loved. This is not the case for children growing up with an alcoholic parent where their needs often get ignored....more

All dear Moms,How would you prefer to spend Mother's Day? Take our poll!

All dear Moms,How would you prefer to spend Mother's Day? Take our poll!Plest visit: take the Poll!Kind RegardsVdoodle Creations...more

I Am An __________

Last night as I was trying to go to sleep my mind was working a bit overtime.  In fact, It took a good hour for me to finally doze off, and it was a fitful sleep.   While tossing and turning my mind went to what I accomplished yesterday.  I signed a painting, started a few more and felt like I had finally come into my own.   I have always wanted a title, an accountant, a lawyer, a teacher...something. ...more