When pregnancy isn't a happy time

Pregnancy is expected to be a time full of joy and anticipation, excitement and planning. Decorating nurseries and dressing the bump.But what isn't mentioned, or talked about, and is overlooked is the other potential side of that pregnancy coin.  The side that can be bluer, harder....more

Appreciation: Are you Enough?


Advice for Kate Middleton: How to Raise a Princess

Sunday will be my 20th Mother’s Day. Our daughter turns 21 in June. So I know a little something about raising a princess.Kate Middleton has been a mother for 21 months and I’m sure she is a great mom to that cutie pie Prince George, but she is about to enter a whole new realm (so to speak) as the mother of a daughter....more

The Truth About Motherhood

     The dictionary defines a mother as "a female parent; one known for providing care and protection over someone else; a person who expresses maternal affection to others." ...more

Postpartum Essentials

You've done all your research and shopping for everything baby could possibly need, but what about you? Did you remember to remember you? It is so important to take care of yourself so you can be the best shape possible and enjoy that blissful newborn stage. Recovering from childbirth is certainly not glamorous and perhaps not something you want to think about before your first delivery, but take my word for it--you'll want to have this stuff on hand!  ...more


She would crouch down to my level, hold me in her arms and whisper “Always tell me the truth, because I will Always love you.” At 6 years old I simply thought my mom was warning me not to fib. But now at 32 years old and a mother myself, my perspective has changed. I realized that these words meant so much more. Her words represented safety, unconditional love, trust, honesty, and moral values....more

Do As I Say, Not as I Do

As Sophia has gotten older, I can't tell you how many times people have commented about how similar we are. Comments like, "Wow, THAT'S where she gets that from!" or "I've seen that from somewhere before." And it's true. There are so many mannerisms and traits that I see in Sophia that remind me of myself. From her slow to warm up personality to her strong willed stubborn side, I can confirm she gets them from me....more

5 Ways to Encourage Positive Behavior

There's days in our house where I feel like such a nagger and negative Nelly. But it always seems if our day starts on a sour note, it all just goes downhill from there and we're having a scene from Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad, Day. Sometimes, I feel like a broken record- "Sophia, pick up your toys, Saidey, don't pick up your nose, Will, pick up your dirty socks." And a lot of times I feel like a shadow, following everyone and trying to restore order....more

I'm Actually Excited for my Son to Start School

"Why I can't wait for my son to start Kindergarten..."By Julia Arnold ...more