Some Days Are For Rest

I woke up the other day with a scratchy throat. The kind that signals some sort of germ has invaded your system. I ignored it. Meaning, I rationalized that nothing could be wrong, so I didn't do anything about it. Within a few hours, my nose started dripping. Like out of the blue dripping, for no reason. It wasn't cold (hello summer here!) and I definitely wasn't using or around any chemicals. In fact, I was just typing away somewhere on the Internet....more

Do I "Mom Shame" Myself?

Have you ever Mom-Shamed Yourself?I recently read an article about a woman who had taken on a dual life in order to make money as a mommy blogger. While reading through her statements about feeling pressured to be the perfect mom and always portray herself as being part of a perfect family, I began to consider if we "mom-shame" ourselves in addition to the societal plague that has taken over what had once been a supportive group of women helping one another, moms....more

For the Mother Struggling to Find Happiness & Hope

Most mothers and families are in a constant season of change, and while change can be a very intimidating and daunting thing, I tend to think it can also be therapeutic and refreshing for the soul.  It’s really all about your perspective.  For most of us, it’s easy to be happy and find joy in life when things are going our way. When life is clicking along like clockwork and all the puzzle pieces are snug, secure and in the right place, we are grateful and content....more

Why I Can't be a Stay-at-Home Mom

“Ha ha! Just asking! Just curious! Everything’s great! Stop at Home Depot and get a hacksaw please! No reason! Just noticing we don’t have one! Bye!” ...more

Put Mom In The Game

My friend Leith Greenslade has been hard at work on her Motherhood + Public Power Index, an effort to get more mothers into powerful positions around the world.  Her 2016 report on mothers in power in the US and China includes this fact:  "Mothers do slightly better in the United States, holding 16 of the top 160 jobs (10%), compared to mothers in China, who hold just seven of the 160 most powerful positions (4%)."...more

My 4 Year Old's Graduate School Essay

I’ll be honest.  It still boggles my mind why any self-respecting political science program would have their graduating students write an essay about their mother, and what she instilled in us, but since it is a requirement, here goes nothing....more

For the Motherless

Someone important to me recently shared with me that he grew up without his mother. He shared that when he was 5, he lost his mother. He lost her to schizophrenia. His father had bailed when he was born he said. With grace, his grandparents stepped in. He and his brother were raised with their love and care.Hearing this broke my heart and made me sad. It also made me think....more

Happy Mental Health Day: What Moms Like Me Really Want for Mother’s Day

For three-hundred-sixty-five days a year, it is Mother’s Day. No sick days. No lazy Sundays. No Netflix and Chill days. I don’t want Mother’s Day. I want a Mental Health Day.Suspend your disbelief, mothers (you’ll know which parts):It is the morning of Mother’s Day. I am still sleeping. No one crawled into my bed last night. No one screamed at 3 a.m. because she heard a bug in her room. Uninterrupted sleep at its best....more