5 Things I Learned About Myself Through Motherhood

This year marks my 6th year celebrating Mother’s Day as a mother. Reflecting back to my 1st Mother’s Day, Ellie was just a little over 2 months old at the time. Although sleep deprived, I was brimming with excitement over this new andcrazy amazing world I just entered. During these years, I’ve learned a great deal about being the chief caregiver, referee, and boo-boo fixer (just to name a few titles). Aside from learning tasks at hand, I’ve learned immensely about myself. Here are 5 notable things:1. I’m not that laid-back...more

Mom Envy


I Feel Fat

Jennifer Lizza @Outsmarted Mommy ...more

Ten Things "They" Won't Tell You...But I Will....

When I joined the ranks of Mommyhood 10 years ago, I was blindsided by the truths that become glaringly apparent the day you join the club.  And, as these truths became more evident, I sometimes felt like the other moms who already knew them were giggling at me next to their lockers and whispering behind my back.  They were saying, "Look at that poor schmuck....aww, she just found out she's never going to sleep again ever" and "Bwahahaha, she thinks crunches will bring her abs back....silly, silly girl".  Admittedly, I joined the club grossly misinformed but I cann...more
Absolutely love this post!!  Was shaking my head in agreement with every one!more

No More Epic Fails (You are NOT failing, Mama!)

Recently, I've heard mothers throwing around the term "epic fail" in regard to their parenting efforts.  It is supposed to be a funny/sarcastic way to look at various minor disasters, but it's the self-deprecating aspect of the phrase that I'm feeling some aversion to....more

I can PLAY with my baby?

"My baby is only 2 months, what do you mean by play?" I hear this statement from parents alot and it always makes me wonder, how many mothers and fathers are missing out on playtime during those first few months of life? Another statement I hear all too frequently is, "I can't wait 'til they're bigger and we can play." ...more

Princess vs. Barbie

We have lots of princess dolls at our house.^^ Thank you to my Mother-in-law for that storage idea ^^My girls ask for them as gifts. They save their allowances to buy them. They love their princess dolls....more
Mulan rocks too, although I can't remember if she is a princess or just a Disney girl.  I was a ...more

Am I Not a "Mama" Too?

I am the middle child of two other sisters. The three of us are very different from one another, but very close. When we were growing up, my mom used to ask us what we wanted to be when we were older and according to her, I always replied, "A mama." Now there were phases I went through where I would say a circus performer, a fashion designer, or a zoologist, but at the core, I always wanted to be a mama. ...more
I love this, I've written similar articles.  Just think, "Mothers Heart" and we have one.more

Mallory's Birth Story

I should have known.... I finalized my written birth plan during my 35th week of pregnancy. We all know what the man upstairs does when he hears our plans, and boy did I give him a good chuckle.  ...more

January Chat with a Mum: Katie of Hurrah for Gin

It’s 2014!  Hope everyone had a lovely New Year’s Eve and not nursing a terrible hang-over.  If you are, another mug of coffee might just do the trick.  I can’t believe Chat with Mums is now a year old.  I started this little section featuring friends I’ve known for ages, before inviting other mums who blogs and then eventually dads too.Thank you to all the past mums and dads who have been featured on Chat with Mums/Dads.  You guys are the best!...more