That Day I Froze And A Discussion On Anatomy

There really is a difference between being an actual parent and just talking about being one. In my case, this became readily apparent when I realized that some of my pre parenting plans of action would be more difficult to follow through on than I anticipated....more

Why I do (or don't) Want More Kids

When Will and I were dating and hit our 1, 2, and 3 year mark of dating, can you guess what a common question we would receive? Yes, it was, "When are you getting married?" We always knew that was our ultimate goal, was to get married but it was always funny whenever we told people how long we had been dating that the question of marriage was one of the common questions we got asked. ...more

Just One of Them Days

It started off like any other ordinary day. I woke feeling refreshed with a small list of tasks to complete. I sat down and did some social media tasks for the blog post that day. Baby Boy slept for awhile before coming to find me. I held and rocked him back to sleep. After finishing some blogging, I went to start a household task, Baby Boy wanted to be near me, so he tagged along while I got started. The task went well enough and I finished the first and second step without any issues....more

How Motherhood Makes Me Ruthless

To the cart hauler outside of our local store:I know, what I did was unthinkable. Judging from your frustrated glare as I pulled out of my space and away from the lot, I just made your job a lot harder. And this unusually hot day isn’t easing your frustration one bit....more

Molly Sims Just Broke the First Rule of Moms' Club

While my children beat each other to a pulp in a game they called “Who Can Tackle The Other Person From The Couch Without Causing Bleeding?”, I snuck away to my computer to play a game of “I Should Be Working But I’m Checking People Magazine Online Instead.”...more
This article is just ridiculous. Moms can only talk about their kids now, if they're bemoaning ...more

The Power Struggle

I'm sure that any of you who have experience with a three year old or kids in general have had that moment when you ask that child to do something and they look you in the eye and say "no." Enter the power struggle- you want the child to do something and they refuse. Now, take into account the child who is strong willed (stubborn) and the parent who also is strong willed (stubborn) and there my friends, is a battle waiting to happen....more

When pregnancy isn't a happy time

Pregnancy is expected to be a time full of joy and anticipation, excitement and planning. Decorating nurseries and dressing the bump.But what isn't mentioned, or talked about, and is overlooked is the other potential side of that pregnancy coin.  The side that can be bluer, harder....more

Appreciation: Are you Enough?