The differences between the first and second child

In many predictable ways having a second child has changed my mothering for example: increasing my forgetfulness while simultaneously decreasing my reservoir of patience. My second child has just reached his first birthday and with that celebratory occasion came a mountain of realizations for me about the differences between baby number one and baby number two....more

The Evolution Of My Diaper Bag

I have two boys. They are wild and lovely and no matter how hard I try to minimize the amount of junk that they require for an entire day away from home, my diaper bag always ends up looking like I just robbed my own house....more


I swear, in my family, that's a title I have: Finder of ALL THE THINGS! I'm not sure how exactly it happened, but somehow, I'm the one they turn to when they misplace something. Is it an additional role I fill, or part of the whole Wife/Mom gig?Did I have some weird sort of Momlocation device inserted upon birth of my children? Is it in the wedding band? Does the Matrix simply like me more than them, and chooses to reveal hidden objects to my gaze?...more

Transformed in an Instant into a Mother

When I gave birth to my first baby,I was re-born as well.My fears of inadequacyInstantly swept asideA surge of motherly love and joyrose up within my spirit and heart.A sense of aweat the miracle of creation overwhelmed usas we examined tiny, perfectly formed fingers, nails and toes.We marvelled at his resemblance to us....more

My Kids Need a Mother Who's Willing to Take Her Perfect Off

 I'm pretty sure every mother, while holding her infant in her arms, declares, "Baby, I will protect you at all costs.  Your life will be different than mine.  I'll make sure you never have to experience the devastating wounds I've had to endure.  I will keep you safe.  I will be a perfect mother"....more

Checked By A Toddler: A Street Harassment Tale

Yep. You read that right.My Lil' Man...dude who's got me by at least 4 inches now...checked a slimeball at the tender age of 4 on a midtown Manhattan street corner, during a busy morning commute....more

Motherhood's Destination

It amazes me, constantly, how Baby Boy has gone from thisto this...more

Pregnancy, New Motherhood, and Fitness: It's Okay to Take a Break

Today let's talk a little bit about running and fitness during pregnancy, after pregnancy, and finding the time as a new mom. Even if you don't have kids or are past this point in your life, it's worth reading along anyway. I didn't run while I was pregnant. As you know from last week's post, running did not become my fitness first love or priority until a few years ago. I did however go to the gym five days a week for years and attempted to keep up that fitness routine while I was pregnant. ...more
Dr E  I think we all have to do what works for us and sometimes, we don't know what will work ...more

I’ve got job security. And you do, too.

 If you’re a mom, you’re probably going to relate to what I have to say....more

Breathing Room

I wrote this post not too long ago. I feel exactly this way at times. When I'm in those dark times, I struggle terribly. I'm better now. Freer, relaxed, less frustrated and angry. I have found my breathing room....more