What's the Definition of Motherhood? (Spoiler: Insanity)

My first serious boss, at my first serious job, used to repeat it over and over. It was a mantra to try new approaches, to work harder, to get the job done. A few years later, when I was now the serious boss, I used to say the same thing to my team, expecting creativity, diligence and success. ...more

How to make pumpkin butts


Who Are You, Mama?

When I was six months pregnant, I got my favorite parenting advice so far. I was slouched at my desk, which was overflowing with everything necessary to help me wrap up a school year as assistant director at a child care center and begin another summer as director of a day camp program - lists and binders and first aid kits and behavior charts and emergency cards and Post-its. So many Post-its....more

Organizing your digital photos

I have been working on a big, mammoth sized project that feels never-ending….so my first tip is to get ahead of organizing your digital photos now…don’t wait.  I wish I had started this 10 years ago when digital photos started and I wouldn’t be spending hours organizing old files.   But, now that I am here – I am working on organizing our digital photos so I can easily find when looking for them!    Someday I am going to organize my printed photos….but I think that will be a little easier as I can make piles, sort by date or event and place them in albums. ...more

10 Tips for stress free days

Creating normalcy and balance is a really unpredictable life can be hard.  Add other humans that are you responsible for life can quickly become chaotic.  Whether you have a spouse, children, parents or even friends that you are responsible for – avoiding doing life isn’t possible.  Here are my tips of the trade for making the most of your time with loved ones....more

Natural Blunder-When Breastfeeding Doesn't Come Naturally

One day while grocery shopping, an elderly woman interrupted a conversation I was having with another mother. “Oh please tell me you’re nursing,” she said to the mom of a seven-week-old girl. Not waiting for an answer, she spun with surprising spunk to face me. “You nursed, right? You must have! Isn’t it wonderful?” And that’s when I punched her in the neck....more

5 Ways to Do Maternity Leave Right

You have a new baby and your parental leave has begun! All those blissful weeks ahead of bonding and relaxing. My well-timed July baby meant lazy afternoons lounging by Coleman Pool and al fresco lunches with my unemployed friends. Maybe I’d finally get around to painting the downstairs bathroom. Maybe I’d take up sewing. Maybe I’d make jam or learn how to infuse vodka with the fruits of our four plum trees. Maybe I would seek help for -- what’s the medical term? Oh, right, my severe state of delusion. ...more
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A Letter to My Daughter on Her First Day of Kindergarten

Dear Sophia, You made it! On Monday, you'll head into the big building with the other big kids and begin a new adventure- Kindergarten. We've been through hundreds of diaper changes, feedings, kissing and band-aiding boo-boos, learned to use the potty and have now celebrated five birthdays.You are a perfect combination of kind, sensitive, strong willed, silly, sweet, sassy, smart, caring, loving, independent, and oh so ornery. All of that is wrapped up into one brown- eyed, beautiful little lady that I couldn't be more proud of....more

My Entry Into Motherhood

My belief is not that motherhood starts when a child is born, rather it's a truly active process once you're pregnant. In the same token, motherhood can start even before becoming pregnant. Thoughts of motherhood can start long before becoming pregnant and thereby entering into motherhood....more

Knowing your value