6 Ways to Avoid Mom Stress During the Holidays

 The holiday season is upon us! While for many, this is the favorite time of year, but some parents dread it, because it means lots of traveling, cleaning, cooking/baking, shopping and.. STRESS....more

20 Fun Facts About Being 39

I am 39 years old. The big 40 is coming in April and I feel excited, nervous, proud, grateful, and again, nervous. I’ve already started thinking about what I want to do to celebrate the big day. Should I go to Vegas, Key West, Pentwater, Atlantic City, or maybe Traverse City?...more

The Legacy of "A Better Mother"


Your Brain on Motherhood

I used to be smart, I think. I graduated from college with honors, so I’m pretty sure my brain used to function fairly well. I vaguely remember being able to do things that required focus and attention. Vaguely.You know that amusement park ride where you sit in a car that spins around, and that car is part of a group of cars that also spins around, and then the whole contraption that houses the groups of cars also spins around, so you feel like you’re spinning in three different directions at once? When I was a kid, we called it The Scrambler....more

On Being At Odds With That Which Has Made You Whole

Motherhood hasn’t been something that’s come naturally to me.  It’s been a learning process, an excavation of sorts, or quest to find a piece of myself that’s needed unearthing and developing. I find it sometimes when I look at my boys. Looking at them these days is like being able to go back in time and see the glimpses of the child I was…and recognize what aspects of parenting and life I was not prepared for or nurtured in by my parents....more

I Spoil My Toddler. So What?

We've been having some problems with Erin lately. By 'problems', I mean.. fits. Tantrums. Screams. Cries. Attitude.  She is extremely attached to me. She likes to sit on my lap, hold my hand, be carried, and especially be cuddled. And when she doesn't get to do those things, she gets upset. If I have to sit her down for any reason, especially when we are in public or around other people, she will cry. But that is when she is happiest, and honestly I am too. ...more

Practicing Nonattachment Parenting

Nonattachment parenting means being able to let go gracefully when things don’t turn out the way we want them to. We need to master the skill of “not holding things ‘too dear’.” Here are a few things to avoid getting attached to as parents:EventsIt’s good to avoid getting attached to events like Christmas, a favorite concert, or a cookie exchange....more

If I Could Slow Down Time

   If I were ever able to slow down time I would slow down my children growing up. I know it sounds crazy because who wants to spend a lifetime changing dirty diapers and having safety latches on the cabinets. Which face it the only people those safety gadgets are keeping out of anything are the parents. ...more

Single Mom Support

Do you feel isolated? Maybe alone on an island or trapped? You share your struggles or what your day looks like (crazy or chaotic) to someone you think can emphasize or at least be compassionate just to receive, “Well at least you don’t_________” or “It’s not that bad,” or “Well, I did _________.” Then these comments make you feel even more alone and isolated as though no one gets it or even cares....more

Poor Duchess Kate! 7 Things You Need to Know About Morning Sickness

Oh morning sickness, you heinous beast, a rite of passage for many moms-to-be.  I have a love-hate relationship with it because on one hand, I’m miserable.  On the other?  It’s a great sign that everything is progressing well. As the weeks slowly pass and the nausea remains every minute of every day (just like Duchess Kate, I'm told, I’ve had a few thoughts on the subject. ...more
Oh morning sickness is the worst! I actually got sick before I even missed my period! Since I ...more