Mindful VS. Mind-Full. How to Balance Both.

This morning, I forgot that one kid had his sharing time at preschool, and the another one was supposed to be dressed up as a super-hero for Drug Free week. A couple of years ago, I may have felt like a failure. But, today, I’m happy that I got my grocery shopping done for the week, and didn’t forget to pick the preschooler up after school. And, lets not forget to point out that I fed them two meals so far. So, for me, it’s been a good day....more

My Kids Are Killing the People Pleaser in Me

During our bedtime routine last night, all three kids were crying at the same time. All had their own unique “issues” going on that they were unhappy about. It was lovely. When you have three kids, crying is a given. ...more

Can't A Woman Have Boundaries?

I just got off the phone with a friend of mine who has a knack for pointing out flaws I never knew I had (what can I say, she's a gem). I was sharing with her my recent argument about people not respecting my need for space and time. Towards the end of my tirade I said, "...I mean, it's not that I'm stand offish, I just have boundaries."Her: But, you are stand offish!Me: What?! No, I'm not.Her: What do you think "boundaries" mean? <insert sarcasm> "A person who wants to stand with others"?...more

The Movie Theater Rebel

“Here. Put these socks on.” I say in a hurry.“But Mommy, those socks don’t match”“It’s fine. Just put them on.”*stares at me not believing what I just said.“Really, it’s fine! No one sees your socks anyway!”*He’s still staring at me“It’s cool to wear socks that don’t match now.”This convinces him and he finally puts his socks on that don’t match, but I can tell he is still skeptical. He is no doubt wondering why Mom let him break this rule of sock-matching....more

The Trap We Set For Ourselves

Perhaps it’s just me and the books and articles I’ve been reading or my current role in our family, but it seems that questions of feminism are everywhere....more

Need to Process

I have started sevral blogs in the past, only to just let them go over time.  I think I've always been too specific in topic to maintain them as active blogs (my interests changed or there's only so much I can say about one thing).  So I am not sure what the theme or focus of this blog should be, but I feel like I am exploding inside.  I need a place to process; both the hard things in life and the sweet things.  I guess the focus will be "me" and how I go through this life. About me:...more

I Discovered the Key to Getting My Kid to Eat

Feeding my kids has never been my favorite chore parental responsibility.  And, with every child, there has been a challenge of some sort in the eating department....more

No Place to Hide

I spent my first 28 years trying NOT to get pregnant, but today marks 15 months I've been trying for the opposite outcome. The first 12 months everyone says "Don't worry, it'll happen" and "It's not an 'if' for you, it's a 'when'". But after a full year, the diagnosis of "INFERTILITY" gets slapped on your record. Just seeing that word nxt to my name pisses me off. How can a single word cause so much hurt and anger? When I hear that word it seems like it's spoken louder and can bring on tears even before it's finished being spoken....more

Infertility, Inferschmility

A maternity concierge who doesn't have a baby?My company, #WholeHeart, provides services to expectant moms and dads. I consider myself highly knowledgeable about children of all ages, neonates, infants, toddlers, motherhood, prenatal care, postnatal care, lactation issues, postpartum concerns, etc. There's literally no area of being a #mother that I'm not knowledgeable about or don't have experience helping moms with except actually being a mother myself. ...more