A Letter of Expectations to My Future Daughter-In-Law

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Mama Jeklyll & Mama Hyde

Just writing this post makes me feel unloyal to the core. That's how mixed up I am right now.Now, now I'm not about to write about infedility or any extramarital affair for sure.  However, I certainly feel unloyal about writing about my nefarious mother in law after almost three decades married to her first born.  ...more

Overbearing Mother In Law!!!

This is my first time blogging and I decided that I need an objective third party to give me advise and thought this would be an awesome way to go about it.So here it goes.....My husband and I have been married for about 3 years and we have a beautiful 13 month old daughter. The problem is that my mother in law is a very controlling, overbearing and manipulative person and my husband does not see it. I didn't realize how bad my MIL was until after my husband and I were married and we decided to relocate closer to his family....more
It sounds like you have are having a very tough time setting boundaries. Perhaps, the best thing ...more