6 Productivity Tips for Working Mothers

It isn’t easy being a working mother, but millions of women manage to do exactly that each day. We've been taught from birth that we can ‘have it all,’ but the truth is that it takes a lot of hard work and effort to combine career and family.A lot of men have it easier. Women tend to take on the lion’s share of domestic chores and childcare, so men can go to work, be productive and come home to a clean home and a cooked dinner. In the workplace, there's an unspoken assumption that working mothers are less effective and less committed to their careers....more

My mother's love of plants

My favorite memory of my mother (Nanay in Filipino) is her love for plants and flowers. Writing is to me as taking care of a plant is to her. And my story tells how her love of plants made me cry and how she would poke fun whenever I do....more

Why I Disliked the Toddler Phase

You are not kidding!  So far, I think the only good year was 2 and my daughter turns 4 in a few ...more

5 Things Working Moms Want You to Understand

Before I dive into the heart of this post, allow me to make two things crystal clear of which I believe: All moms are working moms.I’ve been on both sides of the fence as a SAHM and a working mom ...more

Single Mom Support

Do you feel isolated? Maybe alone on an island or trapped? You share your struggles or what your day looks like (crazy or chaotic) to someone you think can emphasize or at least be compassionate just to receive, “Well at least you don’t_________” or “It’s not that bad,” or “Well, I did _________.” Then these comments make you feel even more alone and isolated as though no one gets it or even cares....more

How To MINISTER to Expecting Mothers

Before I had the experience of being pregnant, I honestly knew nothing about how to help, treat or minister to pregnant women. I’d never been pregnant. I never really paid attention to those who were pregnant (what does that say about me! Oh my!) I just didn’t give it much thought. And then when I had the privilege to become a mother, I realized that pregnancy can be difficult. I realized that expecting mothers deserve to be treated with a bit more care and love....more

The Reasons I Cried on Mother's Day

I feel rather silly admitting this, but I cried on Mother's Day.Apparently, it really hit me how life has changed.I cried because I am missing my dad, even more with each passing year. I missed the excitement of being a kid on a holiday, all excited to go see relatives that I thought would live forever. Then, I cried because I missed my grandmothers, great-grandmothers and my great-aunts. ...more