9 Truths 'Moms of Boys Only' Need To Know

I have three sons and zero daughters. When my boys were small, I would hear the question, "Are you going to keep trying for a girl?" until I thought my head would explode. Some folks seemed affronted when I would tell them I was done having kids. As if, by having only sons, I was somehow disrupting the natural order of the universe.Here are, verbatim, comments made to me when I was raising my boys:"When my mother was sick, my sisters took care of her. Your sons won't do that for you." (The father of a babysitter.)...more

Lost and Found

As I was sliding down the hill, I had to question the wisdom of taking the trail my 12-year-old son, Tom, wanted to take.I figured that because I was with my dad, it would be OK. But my dear 71-year-young father was way ahead of me and wasn’t looking back. I’d lost sight of him.Tom was behind me, exclaiming that this was the best day of his life.For a minute I panicked. We were 15 minutes from home in a state park I’ve known since the age of nine, but I feared we were hopelessly lost....more

Easier to Love?

I adore being a mother. It’s the job I always wanted and one that I feel I’m really good at.Am I the perfect mother? Of course not. I don’t even come close.But I’ve always felt that motherhood fit my personality and talents well.That is, I used to feel that way.This September our eldest child, Tom, started high school and then a few months later turned 15....more

To Protect Our Sons, We Must Destroy Their Innocence: Raising Sons in a Rape Culture World

Do you remember having ‘the talk’ with your parents? “When a mommy and daddy love each other very much they give each other a special kind of hug and….” We all know how the rest of that old tale goes. Families vary it -- some add detail, some get by on euphemisms, some tell the whole thing like an allegory leaving kids lost somewhere between terrified and befuddled -- but for the most part, all parents give the same sex talk to prepare their kids for what is to come. But that was before we understood we lived in a rape culture. ...more
"A culture of misogynist sexualization and violence against women has reshaped that talk in ways ...more

Being My Sons Mom Not His Friend

Yesterday my husband and I were at a party to celebrate the middle school graduation of one of our son’s classmates and closest friends.  ...more

The Monumental Task of Raising Authentic Sons

Heavy wears the crown of those raising authentic, charming, and well-mannered sons. I feel it. I feel the weight of responsibility not only to my son, and my family, but also my community, and society at large....more
I love this so much! I have two grown boys with grown up relationships, and two little boys at ...more

16 Years Old: Calm Before The ... Calm?

After parenting for some 20 years, I've learned a few things. I know how to calm a soothing baby. I know how to plan a successful birthday party. I know how to assist with some award-worthy science fair projects. I know how to admit when I'm wrong. I know when I say I'm sorry. But, most importantly, I know I am one lucky mom. ...more

I have a 16 year old daughter. Enough said.more


The room is covered in darkness, save for the passing headlights peeking in through the curtains. The only noise to be heard is the sound of the ceiling fan swirling the air around us. Awake in bed, wondering what woke me so suddenly and early. I close my eyes to concentrate and listen. It doesn’t take long for the morning squeals to begin again. High-pitched babble ring out into the early morning hours, as Kinley pulls the blankets around him as he wiggles around to wake me up....more

She Just Got Married...Your Family Traditions are Weird!

    Let me start by saying our family used panty hose for Christmas stockings. Do you know how far panty hose stretch and how much you can stuff in them? ...more

Fishnets!!  That would be FUN!

Ok...so just make one and ...more

Mothers and sons

Perhaps because I grew up always imagining that I'd be a mother to girls, I have extra anxieties about raising a precocious boy. One topic I want to explore on my blog as my two-year grows into boyhood is that of mothers and sons, and I would love to hear from other parents on the subject. Some of my latest thoughts on the topic are on my blog, Tiny Mantras, prompted by the recent article in Time magazine: http://tzt.blogspot.com/2007/08/good-time-to-be-boy.html ...more