Mother's Day Wishin

Mama's Day, Mental Health and Birthdays, Oh My!

A day I some what dread is fast approaching, and it’s been a struggle finding the right words for this post.  This day of all days is this Mother's Day, but it happens to be C's birthday on Sunday too - which I am totally not dreading but very excited about.  It is also May now which means it is mental health awareness month.  There are many people in my life who have been affected by mental health and it’s plethora of issues that come with it....more

An Exhausted Mom's Wish List for Mother's Day

A Mother’s Day isn’t complete without some type of gift- a dandelion picked from the backyard, a finger painted picture, or maybe (if you’re lucky) a piece of jewelry or spa day. The day is about celebrating motherhood and all it encompasses. From the tears of joy that streamed down your face the moment you laid eyes on your baby, to the scary mommy voice you feel like you use too often, being a mom is the best and most challenging job in the world....more

The Obligatory Mothers Day Post

Mother's Day is fine if you have either a mother or children. Otherwise, it's difficult, confusing, and even annoying. And for some people, worse than that.Let's think about this. Childless women...more


Thinking of my mom today....."My mother is the one person in my life who I can honestly say has my heart. We've been through ups and downs and we've seen one another cry and climb out of storms. My mother has shown me what it means to put yourself second to only God....more

My unplanned pregnancy changed the relationship with my Mom

"It's the same result as the home test you took. Positive." After a long pause and a stare, the woman asked, "Do you plan to continue with the pregnancy?" I wasn't sure how to answer, I wasn't sure if I wanted to answer. I had so many questions of my own that needed answers first. My boyfriend sat in an old blue chair, his eyes shifting in all directions but mine. Finally, our eyes met like those of strangers, he shrugged his shoulders. I turned away from him and back to the woman in the scrubs. In a low whisper, I said, "Yes." My boyfriend and I drove home in silence....more

34 Things I Want My Daughters to Know About Me | Happy Mother's Day

"I miss my Mom everyday. I miss her love and support. I miss how she was a wonderful grandmother to Reya. I feel really sad that she never got to meet Lola. But one of the things I miss most of all is not learning more about who she was before she had kids. I miss not learning more about pictures like this one."...more

* Last Minute Book Ideas for Mother's Day

Mother's Day is just around the corner and you will be needing a gift. If you left your purchase to the last minute,  it is not too late.  Here are some book suggestions based on your mom's interests. 1. If your mom loves books and bookstores......more

5 Gifts Your Mom Will Love

 The best thing to get your mom this Mother's Day is what she has the least of, and often that doesn't involve money.  Swiping your credit card is easy.  But some things are so valuable they simply cannot be bought. This year, give your mom something she could never buy for herself, for any amount of money....more