Mothers Deserve to Be Celebrated

My first Mother's Day Eve Bash. New Mom. Breast feeding exclusively. Need I say more? I desperately needed that time away with other mothers -- to tell me that it was hard, that it would change, that I wasn't crazy, that the love was big, and that no one could explain it to me -- I had to live it. ...more

Taking Exactly What You Want

I was wide-eyed and quietly thrilled at my first Mother’s Day Eve bash. I had the date marked on my calendar a month in advance. I wanted to get there on time as to not miss out on anything. Would I have time to take yoga and have a massage? What swimsuit should I wear? Did hot husbands really serve us wine late night? Gita had a different look in her eye. ...more

Mother's Day Eve Brought Me Back to Life

The 2008 Missoula Mother’s Day Eve Bash brought me back to life. That’s not hyperbole. I still remember the car ride home afterward, grinning from ear-to-ear with radio blaring, knowing my husband would stare amused and amazed: What the hell have you been doing?...more

To the Mothers Who Made Me

To the mothers who made me the mother I am, thank you. You are the mothers who have taught me that a little patience goes a long way, especially in public. You're the mothers who keep their cool when faced with total chaos. I admire your composure. I make it a point to try to emulate you. You are also the mothers who totally lose it in public. I don't judge you, but I do take note. I don't want to look like that. Try harder. Be more. Dig deep for patience. ...more
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