Six Great Gifts Deserving Moms on Mother’s Day

This Mother’s Day, make mom feel special and show her how much you care with these six great gifts, just for her.A Stitch in Time...more

8 Fab Fitness Gifts for Mother's Day

Here are my picks for the best Mother's Day gift for the active mom. 1. Paleo Treats: Yummy treats for the mom following the Paleolithic diet. $57.00 ...more
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Give the gift of Vera Wang for Mother’s Day

Vera Wang has an FTD floral collection that can be sent around the world. -PJ Gach ...more

Who should give mommy a gift on Mother's Day?

Mother' Day is approaching fast! It's the day to cherish and celebrate not only our own mother.Apparently Mother’s Day doesn’t mean what it used to -- at least not to dads. Apparently, only 6% of dads think it’s important to give their wives a Mother’s Day gift -- yet 47% of moms want a gift from their hubby. What do you think?...more

7 Reasons Why Mom Makes Life Easier

From helping to change a particularly messy diaper to coaching you through an unexpected (and equally messy) job layoff, our moms are there for us. They make life easier. It’s one of the many reasons why we love them.As Mother’s Day rolls around this year, we can get caught up in trying to find just the right Mother’s Day Gifts for her, and lose sight of the person behind the event....more

Best Mother's Day Gift Ever

Over the years my daughter has given me an array of wonderful Mother’s Day gifts.  When she was little, they were all handmade items like sweet cards and pictures, decorated wooden boxes and hand-strung jewelry.  I’ve kept them all.  They are treasures beyond value and each one brings a smile and a cherished memory....more
... proving that it's MORE than the thought that counts ... it's also the gift itself! It's ...more

Re: Avoiding the "GO TO JAIL" free card: Tips on what NOT to get for Mother's day or Mothering Sunday

About two weeks ago in the playground, a journalist asked me if I was a mommy blogger. Who? What is a mommy blogger anyway? It was definitely the first time I had heard of this…and my crazy ability to do soo many foreign accents kept ringing through my head…with the following question German style “Vas iss zis mommy blogger sing enyvay” (translation what is this mommy blogger thing anyway). So I read several mommy blogs, and I thought…nah, I am definitely NOT a mommy blog. Until I read my post on ‘second child and up? i think i got this....more

Mother's Day Malarkey

This year my family will kneel down before me as I sit regally upon my alter. They shall lay flowers, honeyed cakes and wine at my feet to honor my years of cleaning up baby poo, puke puddles, and those inevitable drops of pee all boys must leave on the bathroom floor. They will sacrifice an animal (perhaps a fish or a fowl) and prepare a feast beyond my wildest imagination. I will spend the day luxuriously wallowing in creature comforts and obscene pampering as a tribute to my exalted status as Goddess of Fertility and Creation a.k.a. "Mother"....more