How to Survive Mother's Day When You're Estranged

Mother's Day, at least according to Hallmark, is about showing your love and appreciation for your mother. When you're estranged from your mother, it's often yet another painful reminder of what should have been instead. Before you resign yourself to a miserable day, take heart: there are ways to reduce the grief of being motherless, even and especially, on Mother's Day. Public Domain Image via Pixabay. ...more
'survive' mother's day? That's just such a strange though to me. I mourned the loss of my mother ...more

Fellow Straight, Cisgender Mothers: WTF

On March 23rd, 2016, the North Carolina Legislature passed a bill that, to put it lightly, isn't going over so well."AN ACT TO PROVIDE FOR SINGLE-SEX MULTIPLE OCCUPANCY BATHROOM AND 2 CHANGING FACILITIES IN SCHOOLS AND PUBLIC AGENCIES AND TO CREATE 3 STATEWIDE CONSISTENCY IN REGULATION OF EMPLOYMENT AND PUBLIC 4 ACCOMMODATIONS." - Session Law 2016-3, House Bill 2 (or HB2)...more

Treat Her This Mother's Day: Beauty and Spa Treatments to Try

Sunday 8th May, the day when Mother’s up and down the country will be showered with love and gifts as we show our appreciation. Flowers and chocolates are common presents for Mother’s Day. But, wouldn’t it be nice to treat your mum to something extra special this year? Why not get her something which she’ll remember and really give her the chance to relax?...more

I Hate Mother's Day

I hate Mother’s Day and feel so guilty saying it, but it’s the goddamn truth. My mother is still alive and so is my grandmother. With my five-year-old daughter, we can pose for a “four-generation of women” photo and enjoy a picturesque brunch where a vase of tulips holds down the cream-colored linen tablecloths. Only this doesn’t happen, nor would it ever with the parties involved. ...more

Mother's Day Scavenger Hunt Ideas

 Mother's Day Scavenger Hunt IdeasMother's Day is certainly a holiday kept in the highest regards, for moms of every age.  The biggest question is "What to get mom for Mother's Day?"That's a valid question, one that's repeated about this time every year.  Why not change things up a bit?  Like what?...more

Generations of Mothers

In my maternal great-grandmother Lillian’s dining room, next to the buffet that held her special-occasion silverware, was a lovely little writing desk with a feather quill, according to my mom.To the right of the desk was a full-length closet door mirror. If you turned to look into the mirror while sitting at the desk, you’d almost think there were more and more rooms tunneling deeper inside it....more

My First Mother's Day Without Her

"Grief, when it comes, is nothing we expect it to be," writes Joan Didion in her deeply felt memoir The Year of Magical Thinking. Her book chronicles the aftermath of her husband’s unexpected death, and in it she also writes of the passing of her parents. "I understood the inevitability of their deaths," she explains. "I had been expecting (fearing, dreading, anticipating) those deaths all my life." ...more
I really like the idea of sending someone else flowers. Will be thinking of you on Sunday.more

5 Easy Things To Talk To Your Mom About On Mother's Day

Mother's Day is right around the corner, and most likely that means you're looking at some quality time with Mom (and maybe Grandma too!). Depending on your relationship with your family, this could be something you're looking forward to or something you'll have to navigate. It's possible you've got certain areas of conversation that you try to avoid. Maybe your mom loves to ask about when you're getting married, or maybe your mom always has questions about how your student loan repayment is going. No matter the reason, if you need other things to talk about, here are five ideas!...more

What Kind of Mother Has No Child 2016 on BlogHer

Mother's Day is coming.Radio stations are running contests while television commercials are crammed with everything from flowers to chocolate to fine jewelry.Everyone wants us to remember our mothers, to pay tribute to women everywhere, females who know what that classroom is all about......from diaper changes and colic and singalongs and all things Gerber Baby......more

Sparkling Strawberry Crepes

 Sparkling Strawberry CrepesSparkling Strawberry Crepes are perfect for a weekend brunch. Fresh berries soaked in sparkling wine turn ordinary into extraordinary.  Mother’s Day treat!...more