For All the Valentine’s Day Haters

Many people hate Valentine’s Day... and I’m sure there are plenty of reasons why.Image via ShutterstockHere are some you may have heard: ...more
Our first valentine together, when we were 18 years old, my hubbie and I did give cards and ...more

Treat “Mamma” To An Italian Lunch On Mothers Day

Socks for Mother's Day

I wear socks All The Time. I hate walking around barefoot, but I also hate wearing shoes indoors, so I tend to kick off my shoes when I get in the house and then walk around in my socks all day. (I'm in my house almost all day, most days.) The unfortunate consequence of this habit is that my socks wear out pretty quickly and need replacing....more
That's a great tradition!  I love that every time you look at your fun socks, you can remember ...more

Recovering From A Day Of Daddy Being In Charge

The day after Mother’s Day is sort of like New Year’s Day in my house. It’s a day to recover. Why? Daddy was in charge for the day.All in all, I had a fabulous Mother’s Day. I am extremely grateful I was able to sleep in, and thanks to this “Do Not Disturb” sign, no one bothered me....more

Celebrating ALL Moms

so incredibly blessed with these two monkeys - they test me everyday but I wouldn't have it any other way...more

A Mother's Day trio

Feeling grateful for all the mothering I've received from so many wonderful women over the years. Extra glad I got to celebrate with several of them this weekend including Marm, Mom-5, and Aunt Carolyn. Also especially enjoyed a rare date with two of my very favorite people.Happy Mother's Day, all!xoxo,shawna...more

On Mother's Day

 This might be our last Mother's Day.My mother is dying, ...more

I Mowed the Lawn for Mother's Day

Despite appearances, my son and my husband really aren’t the schmucks my neighbors may think they are today. I’ve been showered with hugs, kisses, cards, and flowers, and told to do whatever it is I want for the day. And what I wanted to do was mow the lawn....more

My First Mother's Day Without My Son

I'm sitting here trying not to fall apart. Friends and family members have been sending sweet messages since last night. It has been a busy week, with dress rehearsal and Little A's dance recital, so I kept my mind on those things as much as possible. I cried my way through her recital. So happy and filled with love watching her dance. And her friends- and Joshy's friends. And so incredibly sad that he was not there to see. He loved music and dance and really enjoyed the recitals....more
adelewishnot I'm sorry I just saw your comment now. Thank you for sharing with me. I'm so sorry ...more

Honoring Mothers With the Time They – and the Country – Need

If you asked mothers what would really make their lives better this Mother's Day, many of their answers would likely be similar. As much as they enjoy flowers, chocolates and other gifts, many moms wish, more than anything, that they had more time with their kids and loved ones, and to focus on their health and well-being. Giving mothers this time might seem like a pipe dream, but there are real steps we can take as a country that would help....more