Mother's Day at the Spa

My husband, God love him, is a wonderful partner, friend, and father, but he is the WORST gift-giver. I haven't had a birthday present from him in years, unless I bought it for myself. Two years ago he bought me a vacuum cleaner for Christmas, and he STILL doesn't understand why that was a bad gift. I think he has pretty much given up trying. He used to buy me perfume, flowers, gift certificates to the spa. Now I'm lucky to get him to buy milk on the way home from work....more

To all the stupid lazy husbands who can't figure out Mother's Day

I planned my own Mother's Day this year. Weeks in advance, I told my husband all the crap I do each day, and that my Mother's Day wish was for him to handle all that crap for one whole day....more

The Mother of All Days

I have mixed feelings about Mother’s Day. On the negative side, it only pays lip service to a vital function many women perform and for which their society does not compensate them, and for which they take a serious hit in the labor market. Moreover, women who don’t want children, or cannot have children, may feel marginalized and/or hurt. I only want to hurt people who are twatwaffles; I don’t like accidently hurting anyone else. On the positive side, I got breakfast in bed and waited on like a Queen yesterday, so, ya know, YAY! ...more

Mother's Day from an Adoptee's Perspective

When a person is born blind, they know no other way. They don't know the pain of having sight torn from them, they don't miss the sense. They may have a longing, they may wonder and wish. It's much the same for me, as an adoptee. I know nothing else, and my parents are just that: my parents. They are my everything, just as your parents are your parents, period....more
xo_strawberry Thanks. Naturally we all feel differently, but that's my 2 cents. :)more

10 Reasons I am Grateful for my Children

Sunday is Mother's Day here in this part of the world. It's a day when my children will act like sweet, cherubic little darlings, wait on me hand and foot, snuggle on demand and then leave me alone afterwards. I won't have to cook or clean or fold one piece of laundry, nor hunt down a lost shoe... beep, beep, beep, beep, beep, beep! Wha?? blink, blink. Oh. I was dreaming. Dang. Pretty sure in the 13 years I've been a mom, Mother's Day has never been quite that idyllic....more

Mother's Day Peanut Butter Toast

Mother’s Day Peanut Butter Toast This was last year’s Mother’s Day breakfast in bed.Carried in to me on a tray by a skinny little 12 year old boy....more

Fun Facts About Mother's Day For Its 100th Anniversary (INFOGRAPHIC)

This Sunday, May 11th, will mark the centennial anniversary of Mother's Day. It was recognized as a national holiday a hundred years ago by President Woodrow Wilson and has been celebrated every second Sunday of May since then. A now very commercialized holiday, Mother's Day is known to be the 3rd largest retail holiday. ...more

Mothers Get Better with Age

This much is clear to me about being a mother. Age makes us better. Death makes us extraordinary....more

Because of Mother's Day

In full disclosure I am writing this post in protest. I really didn’t want to sit here and write another woe is me, I didn’t have a mother growing up, Mother’s Day makes me want to curl up in the fetal position and sleep until it’s over, but I am a mother too and my kids very much want to celebrate me so I don’t kind of post....more