From Covered Wagons to the Chicago Skyline: A Celebration of Mothers Past and Present

The other day I was wondering about my great-grandmother and the land she came to Illinois to Homestead with her husband and eight kids. I have a photograph of the family in my office, all seated in their finest clothes around a buffalo hide rug. Mid 1800s. She looks like she could kick your ass if you were good enough for an ass kicking. If not, she’d just turn her boney Yankee shoulder to you and you would understand for the first time what it is to be on the receiving end of disdain. I wanted to know about my mothers. Especially this one. I wanted to know what she was like outside this photo. So I called my mother. ...more
Hey, Laura! Did someone say COVERED WAGONS?!?!?! I've got my Sunbonnet on and I am so there. ...more

Skin Picking Madness: An Essay for Those with *Complicated* Mother-Daughter Relationships.

I wrote this post weeks ago. Every time I think about publishsing it, I freak out a little because no one knows this, not even my bestest friends and that makes my heart beat a little faster just typing it. I have gone back and forth over whether this qualifies as an "overshare". I'm still not sure. I do know that it's honest and I'm proud of that, if nothing else.But hey... when you are your authentic self you give others the unspoken permission to be their authentic selves... and really, truly, that is why I write....more

Then I Saw Her Face

“Hey lady, did I yank you away from a hot date?”             That's what I wanted to ask the nurse midwife. She was supposed to be rubbing my back. Spooning ice chips into my mouth. Instead, she leaned against the wall in her periwinkle scrubs. Kept snapping her gum.             "For crying out loud,” I said. “I’m almost all the way dilated. Think you can get over here and break my water or something?...more

Nearer My Mom, To Thee

I can’t remember the last time I spent Mother’s Day with my person. She’s been gone almost ten years and before that she lived in Florida while I lived in California. The times we spent together during the Mother’s Days of that period were reduced to the length of a phone call, and there was always an undercurrent of guilt fueling that obligatory call....more

A Mother's Curse -- Happy Mother's Day to all you Grandmas!

Mom Got Her Wish…Times ThreeMAY 10, 2012When I was an adorable, angelic, perfect child, I remember my mom gritting her teeth and muttering under her breath, “Just wait until YOU’RE a mother!!”...more

I Am My Mother’s Favorite Daughter

…I’m also my mother’s only daughter.   But I’m well on my way to being the favorite child…which isn’t saying much since my only competition is my brother, Lunchbox. Last Christmas Lunchbox got my parents a Blue Ray DVD player. Thoughtsy: What the heck, Lunchbox? Are you trying to make me look bad?...more
LOL! Poor Lunch Box how will he ever compete!more

Healthy, Vegan Mother's Day Recipes

It’s the day we ask mom to stop, relax, kick her feet up and be pampered by the very people she pampers all year long. Be sure you shower her with gifts, take her to be primped at her favorite spa and finish the day with a lovely meal. Check out these healthy and vegan Mother’s Day recipes as well as last year’s brunch menu!Pink Le-MOM-Ade...more

What I want for Mother's Day...

I keep reading articles and blogs that talk about “What I Want For Mother’s Day”. They talk about breakfasts, jewelry from husbands, brunch outings, days at the spa, and a mass of other trivial bits of nonsense that don’t really mean anything....more
Wow! Can I have your boy? He is so sweet. You are one lucky mom! --One day, some girl would be ...more

I'm Mommy and I Know It

 A Mother's Day Tribute, Yo For those of you who have been on a self-imposed media blackout for the last six months or so: 1...more