I Was Your Mom...I Was Your Cheerleader

I was never a cheerleader in school.  You could say I never had the disposition for it...or the athletic ability.  I tried being a booster for a short period of time but that just wasn't for me either.  I was that artsy kid.  I loved my music and books and theater but as soon as I became a mom, I became a cheerleader.  A cheerleader for my kids, that is. When you were born and I looked into your eyes, I knew that I would move heaven and earth for you.I would protect you, guide you and cheer you on throughout the entirety of your life....more

Toddler's Fascination With Dog Food

Our son is fascinated with our dog’s food.  Every time we feed the dog or he helps feed the dog, the food ends up all over the carpet and tile.  It’s as though the dog food is a toy to him. He even puts the food in little bowls and pots for the little play kitchen set....more

A Letter to My Son

There are days when I certainly don't qualify for the Mother-of-the-Year award. Times when there isn't enough coffee in the world to make me want to play Hot Wheels for the ninetieth consecutive hour. There are moments when all I want is to take a nap, or at the very least, think like an adult for more than half a second....more


Being a child of color in the 1960's and 1970's I had few people on television who looked like me. Additionally, my early school books Fun With Dick and Jane were also void of people who looked like me. I never gave any significant thought to these blatant omissions. Fortunately, I didn't have to look outside of my home or enter into the portals of TV Land to find a beautiful strong woman of color. ...more

Another Day

 Her face is turned toward the window, nestled on a deep feather pillow.  Long dark lashes flutter as I kiss her cheek, brushing back soft strands of hair from her forehead.  It is dark out, yet she will rise and greet another day. ...more

Love Matters

It had been a triumphant evening.  In honour of Halloween and Anna-mouse's impressive ability both to cope with new artistic experiences and to stay up almost as late as I can, I had booked us tickets to see an extraordinary, site-specific dance piece in an equally extraordinary 13th Century Manor House....more

Mom Nostalgia: What Passes In A Blink

Riding the subway with my sons, I look across to see a baby strapped to his mother’s chest, lovingly patting her face. (And then, not quite so lovingly, trying to stick his fingers up her nose.) I smile. Remember. My two are slumped against me, one at each shoulder; snuggled, tired, happy. On our way home from a boisterous day at the Cloister’s medieval festival, swords and shields safely stowed in our pack. I think the thought of all parents of older kids: “How did THAT turn into THIS?” Blink. Whoosh. ...more
@RuthNY Thank you. Yes at 9 there are whole new realms opening up, yet still they deign to hold ...more

My Angels Angel...

I remember when Heather first called me… “We want to bring you dinner” We? The new boyfriend that I met a few weeks prior? He seems nice enough… and encouraging her to spend time with me gets a bonus point… “I would love that” I know there is more to this… I knew immediately… But I didn’t let my conscious mind wrap itself around that yet… and looked forward to the visit instead…. Tuesday night… 5:45 pm… phone rings.....more

It's Hard To Let Your Kids Grow Up!

  How do you let your grown kids grow up? It's not that easy. My son still lives at home and I want to give him advice about every aspect of life, after all I've lived longer than him. I've experienced much pain from mistakes and don't want to see him do the same. Somehow kids think parents have no idea what they are talking about, that we're just stupid adults who have no clue what they are going through....more

The Fierce Advocate: Internet Safety Tips for Your Kids

A Steadfast Love The moment Darling 1 was born my prim...more